Here’s A Guided Experience Of The Marvel Studios’ Exhibition in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Things to look forward to as you immerse through 10 years of MCU history

Malaysia saw the grand opening of Marvel Studios: Ten Years Of Heroes exhibition at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on 27 June 2019. Among the honoured guests to officialise and grace the event includes our very own prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. The event also welcomed over 100 Malaysian children from MAKNA, Rumah Kasih Harmoni, Rumah Ilham and Make-A-Wish Foundation who were given the opportunity to experience the interactive elements of the exhibition with their families and friends before it opens to the public.

Where It All Began

After the opening ceremony, we were led to the exhibition area and were welcomed by Disney’s Live Events Manager, Neil Munas who also introduced us to the first area of the exhibition: Tony Stark’s workshop. A very appropriate start given that it was the first Iron Man film that paved a path to a larger cinematic universe that we know and love today.

The workshop area consists of Iron Man’s armour gallery with life sized replicas of his suits on display, and also an empty chamber where visitors could enter and interact with his AI butler, JARVIS. Also available for visitors to view are the actual Iron Man props from the films, and a blank white statue of the titular hero where different colour schemes of his various suits are projected on.

Second Yet First

Next up, we were guided to the Captain America gallery where the First Avenger’s various shields are on display and for visitors to pose with. Other attractions include a life-sized statue of Captain America himself, and a miniature replica of the SHIELD Helicarrier. This section of the exhibition is a bit short, but you’ll likely have a blast taking photos with Cap’s iconic shield and the arm bracers from Infinity War. Remember to give other visitors a chance, because unlike Steve, you’re not allowed to do it all day.

Through the Bifröst

It’s not a trip to Asgard without traversing the Bifröst (aka the Rainbow Bridge), and almost literally, exhibition visitors will enter Thor’s gallery via a “lite” version of it. Upon entry, we were immediately greeted by glass displays of three major Thor props consisting of Mjolnir, Stormbreaker, and Loki’s Scepter. At the end of the gallery is an interactive statue of Thor with lightning effects playing in the back, a worthy champion and backdrop for you to show off in Instagram. I admit, I was hoping for a chill looking Fat Thor statue instead.

Enter the Astral Plane

Fortunately, we don’t need Tilda Swinton’s teachings to enter the realms of Doctor Strange, which was our next stop. Visitors are guided through animated displays of the Astral Plane, as well as interactive panels where you too can conjure a sparkly teleportation portal of your own. After the displays, we arrive in Doctor Strange’s gallery where its visual design is highly inspired by the Sanctum Sanctorum. Here, we find the Eye of Agamoto and the exact same Doctor Strange costume worn by Benedict Cumberbatch being exhibited for all to see. Sadly, the Cloak of Levitation was not animated, nor did it chose me to be its rightful owner.

Dance off!

Exiting the Astral Plane, we find ourselves far from home (damn, that would’ve worked better with Spider-Man’s) as we arrive in outer space at The Guardians of The Galaxy gallery. Oh, the “dance off” bit wasn’t just a clever insert for the header as you actually get to challenge Baby Groot to see who’s the better dancer via an interactive display. Showcased here are Gamora’s sword, and Star-Lord’s Quad Blasters. Not having the latter’s various jackets on display felt like a missed opportunity for me. Ah well.

Wakanda, The Microverse, And Brie Larson

These three galleries are pretty brief but are still something to behold nonetheless. Arriving from the previous exhibit, we’re welcomed by a statue of Black Panther, the King of Wakanda himself. The gallery’s deco is inspired by Shuri’s lab and sure enough, we find a display of the actual costume of Black Panther which was worn by Chadwick Boseman in the film.

Our visit to Wakanda was then downsized (not in a bad way whatsoever) as we shortly find ourselves going through the Microverse and into Ant-Man’s gallery. On display is the Ant-Man costume which may or may not have traces of Paul Rudd, and also the actual prop of Hank Pym’s portable office. Without trying to sound clever, the Ant-Man gallery was kind of small.

Our next stop was the Brie Larson Captain Marvel gallery. Here we see the Starforce version of Carol Danvers’ costume on display, as well as the casual outfit she wore on Earth during incognito - because why not? Other attractions include several interactive displays featuring the hero, and it’s also worth noting that the Captain Marvel section is a new addition to the exhibition which is not found in the one held in Singapore last year.

An Inevitable Encounter

Let’s take a break from the heroes and move on to the big bad himself: Thanos. Yup, he gets his own gallery which not only features a statue of the Mad Titan himself, you’ll also get to learn about each infinity stone at their respective audio and visual stations. Speaking of, the Infinity Gauntlet prop as seen in Endgame is also present - another new addition to the Marvel Studios’ exhibition. As far as we’ve gone through the various galleries, we’re not in the Endgame just yet.

A Collection Indeed

A very clever setting to end a tour covering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last portion of the exhibition saw us entering the trophy room of non-other than The Collector himself. Like the character itself, the gallery had a sense of creepiness but had other props from the MCU on display, including the container that housed the Aether from Thor: The Dark World. Thinking back, maybe we’ve been walking through The Collector’s collection all along…

An End For A New Beginning

With the trophy room being the last exhibit, the gift shop is the last stop before the exhibition's exit. As expected, you’ll find plenty of Marvel merchandise to be found here which includes action figures, apparel, and beautiful sculptures from Royal Selangor. A special treat for visitors is a personalised Avengers ID tag which you will receive if you managed to fill up the provided booklet with stamps at each gallery that you’ve gone through earlier.

The counter attendant is not the last thing you’ll see once you’ve exited the gift shop either. Instead, it's probably one of the best things you’ll witness before you leave the exhibition: a large mural with almost every actor and key people who’ve worked hard to bring you a decade worth of cinematic excellence through the Marvel Cinematic Universe - including the late Stan Lee. Excelsior.

Nuff Said

That covers pretty much what we’ve experienced ourselves from the exhibition, but reading this alone will not deliver justice to it. If you love the MCU and has been by its side throughout the years, we can’t recommend you enough to experience the exhibition yourselves an you’ll definitely will have a Marvelous time there. The Marvel Studios: 10 Years Of Heroes exhibition is happening from 28 June until 28 October 2019 at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are priced at MYR 48 for adults and MYR 28 for children, while it’ll be MYR 58 and MYR 38 respectively for non-Malaysian residents.