The iPod is dead: we celebrate the 10 best versions of Apple's thin white jukebox

9) iPod Nano, fifth generation (2009)

Between 2005 and 2008, the iPod Nano had gone all colourful, turned into a squat credit-card-sized device, and then became ultra-streamlined. With the fifth-gen, the case remained fairly similar to that of its immediate predecessor, but the technology within was much more interesting.

The revised unit added radio and iPod tagging, VoiceOver, Nike+ integration, and – for the first time in an iPod – a video camera.

Actually recording with the thing was fiddly, and you only got VGA (640x480) output, but it’d be another year before the iPod touch line would blaze past with its fancy HD video recording.

10) iPod Shuffle, third generation (2009)

The maddest iPod Apple ever designed, the third-generation Shuffle possibly streamlined things a bit too far.

Whereas its predecessors did away with screens, this model also decided controls were a trifling distraction and banished them to the earbuds. Just another reminder that Apple's obsession with removing ports and buttons and goes way back into the pre-iPhone days. 

Still, there was one saving grace: the introduction of VoiceOver to read aloud song, artist and album names for tracks that might have been dug up from the depths of your collection.