Instagram unfiltered: 16 great features nobody showed you earlier

Never miss a square photo

The trouble with following so many Instagram accounts is that you can’t prioritise what shows up on your feed. So if there is one account that’s more important to you than the others, the only way to make sure you never miss a post is to go directly to the person’s account regularly.

But there’s a much easier way to go about this, have Instagram do the work for you instead.

Make it happen: Go to that very important account in your Instagram life, tap on the (...) icon in the top right, and then Turn on Post Notifications. This will allow Instagram to push notifications to you, so that whenever that user posts anything, you’ll be notified instantly.

When you’re tired of the constant updates, simply follow the same steps to Turn off Post Notifications.

Emoji hashtags

The problem with hashtags on Instagram is that they can be very specific, ranging from #yaaayyy to #alwaysnforever, depending on the hashtagger’s level of literacy. As such, words and their accompanying hashtags are subjective to the individual, depending on culture, age, and a number of other variables. But you know what transcends language and cultural boundaries? Emoji.

Make it happen: If you’d always had trouble seeking what you wanted from conventional hashtags, you might be more successful searching emoji hashtags. Instead of trying to narrow the search be deciding whether to look for #Paris or #vivelafrance, simply search #(insert French flag emoji).

Considering the new emojis available with the iOS update, there’s a world tagged with hashes awaiting you.

Fade and Colour

While the three new filters are undoubtedly the star of Instagram’s latest update, their appearance has overshadowed the addition of two brand new tools. If you’re not a fan of simply slapping a filter on, using Tools is a great way of creating your custom blend of photo edits.

Make it happen: When you’re tweaking a photo post, experiment with these two new additions by tapping on Tools and scrolling to the middle section. In Colour, you can tweak shadows and highlights, while Fade gives a subtly nostalgic effect.

Play around with a combination of everything that’s available to you to convey the specific visual message you’re after.