The HUVr hoverboard video is fake, and here are 5 reasons why

The video looks pretty convincing, but understandably, we have our doubts
The HUVr hoverboard video is fake and here's 5 reasons why

Some of you might have seen this video. You might have even shared it in excitement. We’re talking about the HUVr video promoting what seems to be a real, working hoverboard straight out of Back to the Future II. 

Looks real doesn't it?

We wouldn’t be surprised, considering the amount of star-studded “endorsement” the board seems to be getting. Everyone from "Doc" Emmet Brown Christopher Lloyd himself, Moby, and even skateboarding legend Tony Hawk are in the video. So it should be real right?

We’re not convinced. Call us skeptics but remember, as the saying goes, not everything in the Internet is real.


1. It’s very likely a viral promo for an upcoming movie

Pink Huvr Board

Come on, don’t you think there are just too many coincidences? Christopher Lloyd and Billy Zane are in it, and both had parts in the original movies. Plus, one of the HUVr boards looks exactly like the board in Back to the Future II. And as for the site, the timer points to a December 2014 reveal, a month that is usually associated with movie releases.