How I ditched my laptop for an iPad Pro (and you can too)

Do I miss my laptop?

Except for the specific requirements for work (quirky CMSes not quite iOS-ready), I found I didn't miss my laptop at all. I didn't miss waiting for it to boot, having to type in a password, bringing around a power cable and crossing my fingers the battery wouldn't run out. 

The Smart Keyboard can be a little quirky, however and it doesn't play well with third-party keyboard apps (which I've had to deactivate on the tablet) and I'm not crazy about the keyboard case not covering the back of the iPad. 

As for the iPad Pencil, I'd like to learn to do more with it than write. I've yet to wean myself from relying on just my fingers to do graphical work on the iPad and playing hide-and-seek with the charging adapter is not fun. Find My iPad Pencil charging adapter should be a real app. Apple, make it so. 

There's a lot more I'd like to try out on the iPad - like animation, video editing and getting good at GarageBand. I find the possibilities fairly enticing especially as thanks to the A10X and 4GB of RAM, the iPad Pro has become a ridiculously powerful piece of kit. 

Now if only I could stop myself from playing too much The Elder Scrolls: Legends on it...