Hands-on with the amazing, mind-bending, Derren Brown of thriller video games

Get Even will leave your palms sweating - and your brain hurting

Time was, creating a scary video game meant hashing together levels with enough jump scares to make a Blair Witch sequel, serving up some close-quarters melee combat and piping in tense background music.

It’s 2017, though, which means that just won’t cut the mustard any more. Sure, games of said recipe are still being served up - but they’re hardly doing anything new.

Enter: Get Even. A mind-bending thriller that’ll have you searching through spine-tingling environments and scratching your cranium in equal measure, this is no re-imagining of a worn-out concept.

In fact, while the sell – ‘What is real?’ – makes it all feel a bit concept-over-content, having been hands-on with the title at Bandai Namco’s HQ, I can say for sure that this is one fright-filled game that definitely deserves your time.

Why? Here’s why.

Written to thrill

It’s no coincidence that this game messes with your head: its writers are Iain Sharkey and Stephen Long.

Sure, you probably haven’t heard of them, but they’re the same blokes who’ve written a host of Derren Brown’s productions. You know, the guy that makes a living by playing psycho mind tricks on people?

It’s little surprise, then, that as you progress through the early levels of Get Even inexplicable goings-on will leave you baffled - and more than a little bit petrified.

See, this game doesn’t deliver terror as many pulse-racing, thick-in-the-chest slashers do; rather, it makes your skin tingle with a fear of the unknown and unexplained. You’re not sure what you’re afraid of, you just know that you should be.

Distorted, broken-voiced silhouettes issue instructions from TV sets, for example, that leave you wondering just what decision is the right one and, much like with Mr Brown’s antics, whether you’re actually in control at all.