Games, girls and sights from Tokyo Game Show 2013

Life-sized mechas and friendly girls in costumes await a snaking line of passionate gamers at the annual game show in Japan
Games, girls and sights at Tokyo Game Show 2013

The excitement can hardly be contained once the doors to the Tokyo Game Show, held at the Makuhari Messe convention centre in Japan, Tokyo, are opened.

Every year, gamers are treated to new footage and demonstrations of the latest games from all categories, including role-playing, action and adventure titles. But the Tokyo Game Show is not just about the games, and we’ll tell you why.

The beautiful greeting

Visitors have two things in mind when they visit Tokyo Game Show - games, and girls. Both are in abundance, and are equally capable of attracting your attention with the flashy presentation and excite your visual senses.

In their attractive outfits, these booth girls greet visitors with absolute courtesy. For mega booths such as Japanese social networking service Gree, nearly 30 ladies line up during the show’s opening, revealing the magnitude and extent of its presence.

A megawatt smile, followed by a slight bow, are the secret to flood visitors with brochures, trading cards or even odd-looking hats. Some attendees have also succumbed to their beauty and are led to the booths for a presentation.

Beauty and the Gamer

Catching a gamer’s attention is pretty easy within the halls of Makuhari Messe - toss a booth girl, dressed either in their tight outfits and ultra short skirts, in their line of sight and you have their unwavering attention. Cat ears, costumes and cute poses are just as effective, alluring gamers into their booths effortlessly.

The fancy booth and life-sized models

At Microsoft’s booth, the biggest (literally) attraction is a mech figure from the Xbox One exclusive title, Titanfall. And yes, the two ladies posing beside the figure too.

As much as we’d love to lug that huge Gundam head home, we figure it’s a logistical nightmare. The next closest thing to do, is to pay a visit to the merchandise stores. Displayed figurines from Square Enix’s Play Arts figurine series, which includes well-known characters from Final Fantasy and re-imagined looks of your favourite DC Comics heroes (and villains) will surely hit your wallet pretty hard, but for the true gamer and geek, it’s worth it.

It's a wrap

This is just a teaser to all the things we saw and love about Tokyo Game Show. For more news and hands-on, go to our Tokyo Game Show round-up and enjoy the sights through our lens.