Form your one-man band: 6 apps to make sweet music with just your iPad

Download these record-making apps to unleash the solo musician inside of you
Form your one-man band: how to make sweet music with just your iPad

Can’t afford the expensive equipment to make your chart topper? Don’t let your amateur budget get in the way of you becoming the next big thing. Get professional results with these expert music-making apps. 

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Loopy HD (US$3.99)

Remember the impromptu duet that Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel did on The Tonight Show? Their version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight was done on this easy-to-use looping app. A foolproof interface with expert results, Loopy HD comes without the complications of looping beats into your track if you enjoy the atmospheric effect of layered tracks.

Loopy HD provides six, nine, or twelve loops to layer your tracks with. If you aren’t the best beat-keeper in the world, don’t worry, you can correct timing of your loops and have imported loops fit automatically into the beat you’ve created.

Get Loopy HD here

Pacemaker (US$free)

We know what it sounds like, but this isn’t what you’ll find in your grandad’s chest cavity. This beautiful and intuitive app has all the tools you need to serve up your next party mix.

Use tracks from your iTunes library or source from Spotify’s trove of millions to scratch, sync, and crossfade to your heart’s content with easy taps and swipes. Loop sections, adjust tones and build up a track before hitting the drop button for a stomach-churner to make even Skrillex jealous. There are more effects ranging from echo to reverb to add to your mix if you visit the Pacemaker store.

Get Pacemaker here

VocaLive (US$19.99)

Sound like an entire chorus with this singing aid that takes you from warm-up with its Vocal Tools through to the actual recording of the track with Recorder. If your organic singing voice isn’t quite enough to make the cut, enhance it with the app’s five vocal effects which include the Morph feature to deeper your tone to reach those bass notes, and Choir - a three-part harmonizer. 

If that isn’t enough, there are seven additional studio effects that include allowing you to adjust reverb and delay. If manual controls aren’t for you, go with the in-app collection of 50 presets to start recording immediately. No matter your choice, you’ll be sounding like a pro in no time. 

Get VocaLive here