The first 15 things you should do with your OnePlus 5T

4) Easily reach the notification tray

An 18:9 screen is a whole lot taller than the 16:9 panels we're used to finding on our phones, and can mean stretching a lot further to reach the notification tray. Not everyone has big enough hands to do it without some serious finger yoga, but you can save your muscles by using the fingerprint scanner instead.

Head to Settings > Gestures and tap on "Swipe fingerprint for notifications" - now a quick swipe down on the rear scanner with any of your digits (not just the one that unlocks the phone) will pull down the notification tray. A second swipe up will fold it away again, no stretching required.

5) Put your widgets on a shelf

Android is great for customising everything to your liking, but a mountain of separate home screens can make it tricky to find your favourite widgets. OnePlus lets you keep everything in one place with the Shelf, a home for all your widgets.

Swipe right from your main home screen to see a few OnePlus-specific widgets like recent contacts, recently opened apps and notes. Then you can start adding your own. It scrolls infinitely, so you can have everything in one place.

To add a new widget, tap the Plus icon in the bottom right corner, then tap Widget. Once you're happy with your choice, press and hold until it pops, and drag it into position. To delete unwanted widgets, just tap and hold, then tap the cross icon to eradicate it from your list.

6) Slide your way to silence

Having to dig around the notification tray to toggle Do Not Disturb every time you step into the boss' office can be a pain - or maybe not, if you aren't hauled in there as often as we are. Still, the 5T makes this a much easier job with its Alert Slider. This three-stage precursor to the fidget spinner isn't just fun to flick up and down, it toggles between loud, vibrate and silent profiles. 

Out of the box, the top "silent" position mutes your music and ringtones, while the middle setting actively blocks messages and calls in Do Not Disturb mode. Any starred contacts can still get through, though, and repeat callers are given the OK too in case there's an emergency. Finally, the bottom setting lets your favourite ringtone ring out loud and proud whenever you get a notification,

If you want to change these modes, give it a flip and tap the cog icon that appears near the top of the screen to jump straight to the right Settings screen.