Fantasy Fails: 5 of the worst Final Fantasy games you shouldn't play

These Final Fantasy titles really shouldn't have gone past the drawing board
Fantasy Fails: 5 of the worst Final Fantasy games you shouldn't play

We gave you the best that Square Enix had to offer in the Final Fantasy series. Now we give you the worst the game company has created in this long-standing franchise. Check them out and you'll find we managed to save you from going through hours of torture. Seriously, we really did.

5. Final Fantasy X-2

If you want to blame one game that started the whole sequel crazy binge that Square Enix seems to be on these days, you can blame Final Fantasy X-2. It wouldn't have been so bad if we actually liked the game but unfortunately this wasn't so.

First there was the story. Ok we admit that after the events of the first game, the world of Spira couldn't stay as depressive as it used to be. That is pretty logical. However we just couldn’t abide with everything else about it. There were a lot of assets that were recycled and the nonsensical plot about ghostly lovers and death machines felt like the game was some fanfic sequel material. Throw in the story and sidequest fillers that had no point to them and you have a game that felt like one long drawn out anime.

It's not just the story either. Final Fantasy X-2 is guilty of introducing a chockfull of vapid mini-games that were pretty much pointless. Why focus on saving the world from another global threat when you could play matchmaker with horny monkeys in the Zanarkand ruins? Why even bother trying to finish the game when you could give backrubs to one of the game’s antagonists while undercover? It’s a shame that you ended up doing a lot more errand handling than fighting because the game had pretty decent fight mechanics. 

Still, that couldn't really save it from this list. After all, how would you react if you paid good money for a Final Fantasy JRPG experience and was instead confronted by the opening sequence above? Our thoughts exactly.