End-of-days movies to help survive the Haze

Take your mind off the apocalyptic vision outside your window by staying inside and watching these apocalyptic nightmares


A very apt film to be watching as our city skyline is obliterated in a scary, swirling mist. Directed by that king of the 80s horror flick John Carpenter this creepy tale (not to be mistaken for the woeful 2005 remake) features an army of zombie lepers coming out of the mist to wreak havoc on a small coastal town’s planned anniversary celebrations. SG50 anyone?


A man (Cillian Murphy) wakes from a coma to find a deserted London beautifully shot to look it’s eerily empty best. Where have all the people gone? That soon becomes apparent as he finds himself fleeing some of the maddest/baddest and, perhaps most impressively, fastest zombies around. Rescued from the frothing mob he learns that the city’s population have been infected by the Rage virus and he and a band of survivors are forced to fight for their lives.



The film version of the scary computer game has already received plenty of joke references in instagram snaps of the current haze thanks to the visual similarities between a fog shrouded Singapore and the mysterious mist-clad town of Silent Hill. We just hope we wake up from our hazy, nightmarish dream before any of the film’s cast of creepy characters start appearing on our streets.


Trapped in your own hazy bubble Singapore can seem like a pretty lonely place at the moment but it could be worse: you could be stuck in New York thinking you were the last known survivor on the planet. That’s the fate facing Will Smith who plays a scientist desperately trying to come up with a cure for a plague that has decimated humanity, while staying one step ahead of the mutant victims of the disease - The Infected.


Something a little more optimistic to round off the list comes in the form of this often over-looked Pixar gem. We follow the adventures of a small waste disposal unit Wall-E, left alone on a desolate Earth that humans have been forced to flee due the environmental destruction they’ve caused. Charming, hilarious and scathing in equal measure the film, like that haze outside your window is a wake up call to all of us about the need to think about we’re doing to Mother Earth.