Up close and personal with the Apple Watch Edition

So you’re thinking of buying a gold Apple Watch Edition? Here are some points you need to know then

The Apple Watch is an extremely personal device, and we'd strongly advise anyone thinking of getting it to drop by a physical store and feel it for yourself.

We’ve managed to get our hands on the Watch Sport and the Watch, but haven’t had the chance to appreciate the Apple Watch Edition in all its luxurious glory. To fix that, we trooped down to Malmaison by The Hour Glass, the only place in Singapore that’s retailing the Watch Edition, to get a feel.

Weight in gold

If you want gold, you get gold - in rose and yellow. They’re both 18-karat gold and feel like it. We’re wearing the stainless steel Watch with the Milanese Loop, a weighty enough combo in its own right - and yet the Watch Edition with its leather band feels heavier. Not so much that it will weigh your wrist down and hinder your hand gestures, but in a way that reminds you that you have something far more premium strapped to your wrist. In comparison, the aluminium Watch Sport will feel like a feather.

All that glitters is gold

There’s one thing to note though, the rose gold and yellow gold aren’t all that different in real life. The former is a lot more gold than rose, and isn’t nearly that immediately distinguishable from the yellow gold as we expected. It’s more of a subtle rose hue. 

And if you’re buying the Watch Edition with a Sport Band, you might be wondering if it’s worth paying for. It’s worth noting that the hardware on the Sport Band is also gold. As with the buckles on the other straps.

Jewel in the (Digital) Crown

Another thing you will need to note is that the colour of the Digital Crown differs from model to model. For the 38mm, you can expect three colours - red, white, and black. And for the 42mm, there are only two - white and black. Generally, they match the bands of the whichever Watch Edition you buy, except for the Rose Grey Modern Buckle which comes with a black Digital Crown.


If you’re expecting special treatment, there really isn’t any, aside from a sharply dressed Malmaison assistant handling your Watch Edition with gloved hands and the usual impeccable Malmaison service. The experience of buying the Apple Watch is already as personal as it comes, even when you order it online; there are instructional videos to help you embark on your journey with this all new Apple device. But with the store experience, there's someone frome Apple at Malmaison to assist in set-up and any questions you might have along the way.

Don’t be disappointed by the lack of VIP treatment, rest assured that with the Watch Edition sitting pretty on your wrist, you’ll feel like a million bucks anyway.