Best TVs of CES 2017

From Samsung to Panasonic, these are the 4K TVs we want this year

Forget about the smart hairbrushes and ridiculously fast electric cars, CES 2017 is about TVs. From Panasonic’s first ever OLED set to the latest eye-searingly bright Samsungs, we’ve seen plenty of teles to get excited about. Especially if you’ve not yet made the jump from old fashioned High Definition to 4K.

Unless you’ve got pockets as deep as the Grand Canyon, you’ll only be able to afford one of them. So without further adieu, here’s our ongoing pick of the best TVs of CES 2017. Keep checking back to this page for more new TVs as we see them.

LG Signature OLED TV W

If you know Stuff, then you’ll know that we’ve big fans of LG’s OLED sets since they first launched. The magnificent LG OLED65E6V was our TV of the Year for 2016, and its successor looks just as tasty.

Why are OLED TVs so impressive? They don’t have backlights like LED sets, so can achieve deeper blacks and superior levels of colour contrast. Although LG’s releasing a fair few new OLEDs this year - with greater support for HDR and Dolby Atmos - it’s the flagship OLED TV W that’s really caught our eye. At just 2.57mm thin, this 77-inch affair with 4K HDR is so thin that it’ll basically mount flat against your wall at home. Oh, and it does so via magnets.

Given the exorbitant price of LG's previous Signature sets you probably won’t be able to afford this model either, but that’s OK. The OLED TV W is a sneak peak at the TV future and it looks sumptuous.

Sony Bravia OLED A1

Also known as "the TVs without a speaker", Sony's first ever OLED sets are quite something. In essence, these A1 TVs create sound by vibrating their screen for a totally new way to watch tele. So - yes - your new 77-inch Bravia is gonna spark more than a few sniggers when you explain how it works. Surely that's a price worth paying for a brilliantly bonkers bit of tech though?

Plus, they should give you all the usual razzmatazz you get from an OLED TV. That means 4K HDR and superb contrast between bright and dark colours, which is handled by Sony's X1 Extreme processor. Honestly, we can't wait to give an OLED A1 a go when these sets hit stores later this year. 

Panasonic TX-65EZ1002B

It’s not just LG who’s riding the OLED bandwagon these days though. As of CES 2017, Panasonic has jumped well and truly on board with a fancy new TV of its own.

The incomprehensibly named TX-65EZ1002B is apparantely the first 4K HDR TV to feature “professional grade image processing” and gives you twice the peak brightness of a standard OLED. In non-scientific terms that’s pretty damned bright. Plus - thanks to a Technics-developed Dynamic Blade Speaker/whizzy new soundbar - Panny reckons the TX-65EZ1002B will do your blockbusters justice with a suitable amount of audiovisual oomph.

That all amounts to a pretty exciting TV, but will it be able to topple LG’s own OLED range? We’ll find out when this tele is released in June.