The best portable Bluetooth speakers under RM1200

Don't be fooled by their size: these portable speakers have enough boom to shake any room

There's nothing worse than a party without music.

You might have a boomtastic hi-fi in your living room, but what good is that when you take the party outside? 

What you need is a portable speaker, but you probably won't be willing to let it brave the outside world if you spent a fortune on it. Fear not though - these budget speakers provide the perfect compromise.

They're cheap enough that you won't freak out if you place a bottle of beer in their proximity, while still managing to pump out tunes without horrid crackles. Party on:

UE BOOM 2 (RM640)

Perfect for taking the party outdoors, the Boom 2 has a tough, water-resistant skin and shrugs off stains like they’re the latest David Guetta abomination.

A tube-like shape also means it’ll fit in your bike’s water-bottle holder, which is almost as smart as its Siri and Google Now compatibility, which lets you check the weather between choice cuts from your Drake megamix.

The bass-heavy sound doesn’t dim the details, but with a few tweaks to the EQ in the app it really comes to life. Keep the volume to about three quarters and it’ll really impress.

Tech specs

Dimensions: 69x69x180mm, 0.5kg • Battery life: 15 hours • USB: Micro • Waterproof: Yes

Buy the UE Boom 2 (RM640) here


Great sound, tough build and eye-catching looks