The best cosplayers of Comic-Con 2016

Featuring the good, the great and the downright weird

The upcoming trailers and panel conferences each year at Comic-Con are great and all, but everyone knows we’re really here to see a steampunk Iron Man.

From Game of Thrones to Star Wars and 1000 iterations of Harley Quinn, these are the cosplays that stole the show this year.

The crossovers as usual were plenty

Captain Amerifett, is that you? | techinsider

Chewie’s Angels in the house. Mad props to these fans who handmade their costumes from coloured wigs. | CNN

We told you there’d be a steampunk Iron Man. Also, we need a spinoff movie for this, okay Marvel? | techradar

Between Ash Stormrider, the pokeball dragon eggs and that Charizard/Targaryen sigil, this guy knows what’s up. | cinemablend

Absolutely nothing could have prepared us for the magnificence that is McThor. Nothing. | techinsider