Take a tour of Apple's first Southeast Asia store

The first Apple store in the region is a glimpse into the future of retail

The big day is upon us; Apple is finally opening the doors of its first official store in Southeast Asia, and it's located just across the border.

On 27 May at 10am, the anticipation and hype will reach a fever pitch, culminating in the grand opening of Apple Orchard Road in Singapore. Ahead of the frenzied hordes and inevitable crowding for photo-ops, here’s a sneak preview of what the store has to offer, and how it’s going to revolutionise the way you shop.

Stepping through the clear 36.5m long glass facade into the store, the first thing you’ll notice is that the space looks, well, nothing like a store. Known as The Avenue, this is where you’ll find displays and demo sets of the core devices that Apple is currently retailing.

Adorning the walls are Windows, which house accessories that are grouped into categories like gaming, photography and music. The ground floor looks kind of like an Apple Museum, except here you get to try, caress and fondle all the iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches that you could possibly want.

Apple’s retail outlets have always been beautifully constructed, like a physical embodiment of the company’s dedication to forward-thinking design. The Orchard Road store is no different. Flanking the store on both ends are two gorgeous curved Castania stone staircases, complete with handrails that are carved into the walls.

As testament to Apple’s obsession with details, we were told that the curvature of the handrail mirrors the shape of an iPhone 7. We also found braille markings at the top and bottom of the staircases, which was a really nice touch.

Bound to be the the destination for many future #OOTDs, we jokingly told the staff that the staircase would be a great place for a wedding shoot — to which they replied they’d be more than happy to accommodate, without missing a beat.

Which brings us to our next point — Apple’s borderline absurd attention to detail. A running theme in most of their stores, from the tables, to the joints of the building, to the metal panels on the walls and in the ceiling, just about everything in here is perfectly aligned. Here’s an image of the glass front door lining up neatly with the stone benches outside the store. And yes, all of it is deliberate.

Shall we proceed to the second floor?