9 old school tech toys that will make you want to rewind time


Just like Tamagotchi, except for boys. The point of having this virtual pet was to raise it into a lean, mean fighting machine to do battle with your friends’ for the glory of bragging rights. Part of the fun was not knowing what your baby Digimon would evolve into. And many a time, they’ve been reset when they didn’t grow into what their owners wanted them to be which is … the rare and elusive Teddymon.

Replaced with: It has shape-shifted into television instead. There has been nine Digimon movies and even more Digimon cartoon episodes. We’re sorry to say all these still aren’t enough to fill that Digimon-shaped hole in our hearts. But there's hope for us because a mysterious countdown site, courtesy of Bandai, has surfaced in time for the little gizmo's 20th anniversary...

Image: YouTube

Nintendo Entertainment System

Few might know this, but Nintendo first started out as a playing card company. After a few failed ventures, it found success with Game & Watch, a handheld video game series. And from then on, it found its place in the world with NES, Super Mario Bros, and also the Game Boy.

Replaced with: The brand is back in business with the Nintendo Switch. The transformative console looks set to breathe new life into Nintendo, and the gaming console industry. Sony and Microsoft, you've got competition. 


The fictional pet paradise had everything you could need to while away your after school hours on - tons of imaginary worlds to explore, plenty of games, and even a bustling marketplace to trade on. It was less of virtual pet care and more of an all in one entertainment platform.

Replaced with: The virtual pet platform is still in operation. In fact, if you can still remember your password, you can revive your account and continue from where you left off all those years ago. It might look slightly different, but you’ll be glad to find out that your pet is still alive, just starving because you abandoned it.