9 of the best Apple Watch straps

Updated 21/3/17: Now including the finest bands from Apple's Spring 2017 wardrobe...

The Apple Watch has so many straps it now needs to take one of those giant wardrobe trunks when it goes on holiday. 

The good news is that, while this puts our collection of six t-shirts to shame, there are now more ways than ever to spruce up your Apple Watch and make it feel like new.

Whether you're after a bargain or an artisanal leather anniversary present, we've collected our favourites - including the best from Apple's new Spring 2017 range - in our catwalk highlights below. Just don't tell your unloved Tissot that your smartwatch is getting yet another new present...

Official Apple Woven Nylon Strap (RM199)

Apple’s durable and comfortable nylon straps have always been among the most affordable, and they're now decked out in some summery stripes that (no doubt intentionally) remind us of delicious ice lollies.

If you've got a favourite striped t-shirt or boating blazer, there might well be a match among its five new editions. We're particularly fond of the 'Orange' edition (above), which perfectly matches our usual shade of holiday sunburn.    

Buy the Official Apple Woven Nylon Strap here

Wristouch Italian Leather Strap (from RM395)

Wristouch has a decent selection of quality Apple Watch straps and cases, and we quite like these genuine calfskin leather ones which are available in black, tan and dark brown The combination of the Apple watch’s metal chassis and muted leather design is one that, we think, works really well.

Buy the Wristouch Italian Leather Strap here 

Apple Nike Sport Band (RM199)

If you're thinking this looks remarkably like the sporty strap that was previously an exclusive for the Apple Watch Nike+, you'd be right - Apple has now made it available to buy separately, and in three colours no less.

The Nike Sport Band is available in white, black and the yellow/black combo that previously marked out Watch Nike+ owners as special sporty snowflakes.

Of course, it's effectively the standard Sport band with holes punched in it, but we've found the reduced weight and extra comfort to be a big boon when sporting. Being able to wear it slightly tighter means guaranteed heart-rate sensor accuracy too.

Buy the Apple Nike Sport Band


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