8 things you need to know about Android Wear, Google's beautiful smartwatch operating system

There’s a crop of hardware on the way

LG G Watch

We’ve already had glimpses of two upcoming Android Wear devices in the Moto 360 (out in the summer) and LG G Watch (out in the spring – but apparently it won’t even be the first Android Wear device to go on sale), and Google says it’s also working with Asus, HTC and Samsung as well as most of the main processor manufacturers. Oh, and it’s not just the tech companies either: fashion watch-maker Fossil is also beavering away on a Wear-equipped timepiece.

It’ll be used for more than just smartwatches

Motorola 360

While everyone is talking about Android Wear smartwatches today, Google has been very careful to label it as a “wearables platform” rather than just a smartwatch platform. Which probably means that it’ll be used in other wearable devices too.

It’ll play nice with other Android and Chrome devices

Android Wear and phone

Android Wear products can be used to control smartphones, tablets and possibly even Chromebooks and the Chromecast – Google’s blog post on the launch says you’ll be able to cast your favourite movie to your TV.

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Developers have access to it right now

Android Wear sports score notification

Google has made a developer preview of Android Wear available already, allowing software makers to tailor their existing app notifications for voice or touch control. A full SDK is listed as “coming soon”.