7 things you never realised happen behind the scenes at Xiaomi

We came, we saw, we tattled on Xiaomi

Just like how someone’s home reveals a lot about a person, our tour of Xiaomi’s Beijing digs showed us what truly makes the Chinese company tick.

Three separate buildings in the Haidian district of Beijing make up the sprawling Xiaomi complex. And our almost all-access pass allowed us to pet the resident pup, peek into Global VP Hugo Barra's office, and witness what goes on behind one of their famous flash sales.

Curious? Read on. 

During flash sales…

…the team is as, if not more anxious than you. Depending on the countries involved, the people responsible for the different countries camp in a huddle at the computer some 15 minutes before a flash sale is due to start. They do everything from going through the purchasing process to monitoring social media channels to make sure everything is running smoothly. At this point, they were the Mi 4i flash sales happening for both Singapore and Hong Kong.

Now you know why your queries are always answered promptly even during the heat of a flash sale; this is what it looks like on the other side of the website.

Welcome to Mi Home

That's what the Xiaomi experience stores are called. Pop into any of them in China and you get to try the latest in the Xiaomi lineup - from smartphones to smart weighing scales - before you decide to commit your cash. You can also personalise your Mi Band or Mi Power Bank with a free engraving on the spot. So the next time you head to China for a holiday, remember to pack your Mi stuff.