7 commonly-used apps you didn’t realise are secretly draining data

Bet you didn't know they've been busting your monthly data limit, it's time to disable their hidden data-sucking settings
7 commonly-used apps you didn’t realise are secretly draining data

What do you mean I’ve almost reached my data cap? It’s barely mid-month and I’ve only watched three cat videos!

7 commonly-used apps you didn’t realise were secretly data vampires

We know how you feel. But you should know that there are certain apps in your arsenal that drink up more than a few drop of data every time you boot them up.

Seeing as you probably check in on them more than a few times a day, it’s not rocket science to deduce that these are the culprits, and not you since you’ve already cut down on your cat-video intake.

Quit crying, you don’t have to delete them, you just have to disable the specific settings that are costing you. We have all the quick fixes you need to put a stake through the hearts of these data-suckers.


It’s not enough to refrain from posting your lunch every day. Even when you’re harmlessly (or so you think) browsing through the photos on your feed, there are copious amounts of data being stealthily inhaled as you scroll through. Want to know why? Preloaded videos, that’s what’s up.

Quick fix: Hit the gear icon at the top right of your own profile, scroll down till you see Video, then tap on Preload. Make sure you enable “Only on Wi-Fi” to ensure that videos only preload when you’re on Wi-Fi and have all the data to spare. After all, that cat video can wait, can’t it?