7 amazing Kickstarter projects that could change the world


Sure, we have styluses in some of our phones, but there's just something about writing on a smartphone screen that feels pretty unnatural. Of course, there's always that ever­reliable paper­ and­pen solution, but we heard soft­copy is all the rage when transmitting messages these days.

Presenting Phree, the world's first unrestricted, high­resolution, write­virtually­anywhere mobile input device. On the wall, or the elbow of your sofa. Or even your own hand! Phree connects to all your devices via Bluetooth, and is compatible with software and apps, such as Office, OneNote, Acrobat, Viber and more. Jot down notes and numbers immediately, or doodle on the spot. The world is your paper!

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There's nothing more excruciating than the siren­scream of an alarm clock in the morning. Most people start their day repeatedly jamming the snooze button, along with their self­discipline, into a tired pulp. It sure doesn't make any sense to comedian Demetri Martin, as he puts it, “I hate getting up in the morning so I do it over and over again.”

But what if you woke up to the heavenly fragrance of bacon, or the tantalising aroma of coffee? How about some invigorating peppermint, and even the salubrious jungle for natural nasals, or the successful scent of freshly­printed bank notes (to flex that managerial muscle)? SensorWake, the world's first olfactory alarm clock, diffuses a perfect dosage of scent that is scientifically proven to wake you up faster than you can say, “Not a morning person.”

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