6 ingenious ways we want the Apple Watch to work in Malaysia

If the Apple Watch can do these things, we’ll take 10 of them

The Apple Watch may not be the most desirable device in their lineup for us Malaysians. The problem of localization often alienates the non-US crowd.

But just imagine if the Apple Watch would just be a little more… #Lokalah!

Here are six ways that we wish the Apple Watch would work in Malaysia!

Adjust for “Malaysian Time”

It’s pretty obvious that Malaysians are always late. The routine spiel of “on the way” has pretty much been relegated to a given at this point.

If the Apple watch would take into consideration traffic, location information and your appointments, wouldn’t it be great if it magically adjusted? It'll make you seem later than you actually are, inspiring you to actually leave a little earlier.

No more “Malaysian Time” for you!

An even smarter SmartTag

We’ve all played that game, shuffling around your centre console hoping to pull out your SmartTag before the toll gantry and more often than not getting it in the nick of time. Then of course there’s the problem of your SmartTag not reading… 

Imagine if you could use Apple Pay to take care of pesky toll charges! No more backing up traffic in the fast lane for you!

In Waze we trust

Everyone in Kuala Lumpur needs Waze, it’s not even a question. Not everyone has a mobile phone holder in his or her car, but everyone has a built in Apple Watch holder on them at all times. If traffic is building up on your regular commute, your Apple Watch could alert you and advise taking an alternate route back home.