6 camera features Windows Phone gets picture perfect

And dare we say, they're better than what the Android and iOS camps have to offer
6 camera features Windows Phone gets picture perfect

Windows Phone. So underrated, so overshadowed.

But what we’ve found out after spending so much time with Lumia phones over time is that the camera is one of the consistently strongest features on Windows Phone, and it only gets better over time. Here are six features we think Windows Phone gets right. 

Nokia Refocus

Under lenses in the camera settings resides this handy little app that gives Windows Phone Lytro-like abilities and allows viewers to interact with the images you take. If that word in its name hasn’t given the game away, we’ll let you in on its magic. Images taken with this app can be refocused just by clicking on the object within the image so viewers can play around with the focus of the photo.

Click on either the subject in the foreground, or the one in the background to have it brought into focus. If you'd rather everything be in focus, just click on the square icon in the lower right hand corner.