5 unforgettable Namco classics

Bandai Namco has set up camp in Singapore. What better way to welcome the Japanese gaming genius to the region by looking at five of its best moments

Namco Bandai has plugged itself into Singapore's digital landscape. According to the head honchos Stuff.tv spoke to, its dev team will be bashing out original arcade titles and new characters for global release. But before we gossip about all things new, take a look back at five unforgettable Namco classics.

1. Tekken

It wasn’t exactly a fresh sock to the gut given the saturated market of fighting games but somehow this beat 'em up has Tekken (excuse the pun) a simple concept and milked it into a long-lasting triumph. 

Perhaps it’s the variety of characters or its constantly evolving battlegrounds that keeps things fresh? Or because this fearless title embraces healthy competition; it even collaborated with its fiercest rival Street Fighter to co-cast 2012’s 2D Street Fighter X Tekken

Who knows, but it’s a sure sign of success when a game is well into its sixth edition and even has its own museum. And there's no denying it - it's perfect for quelling your bare-fisted fighting desires on a less painful platform if you’re not into your Mixed Martial Arts.

[Images via UK Playstation (top) and Marshall Alloc Blog]

2. Dig Dug

Dig where no one has ever dug before in this subterranean Namco gem. Birthed in 1982, the iconic earth-shoveling game has resonated so deep that it’s still being referenced 30 years later in Wreck-It Ralph, where Dig Dug, Pooka, and Fygar make cameos. You may encounter monsters of the deep soil, but hath no fear, just inflate them till they pop or drop rocks on them and be on your way. Chalk up points as you burrow through layers of soil and collect fruits and veggies before they vanish. Don't question the logic of arcade games. But do play its modern-day equivalent on iOS.

[Image: The Rung]

3. SoulCalibur

This is the sequel that set in motion the rest of its sequels. Following the success of Soul Edge, Namco renamed the 3D fighting game instead of just chucking a number on the end of its title. Not only that, they also introduced the eight-way run and freed characters from only moving along the third axis, which created a more natural joystick-character relationship. A minor detail, but it created a world of difference.

With its growing stable of characters, cool weaponry and fancy moves, it’s hardly difficult to understand its appeal. Get your fix of fantasy weapon-wielding on iOS. It’s a little pricey but who can put a value on hours of endless entertainment?

[Image: toucharcade]

4. Time Crisis

It used to be the quintessential shooter arcade game in which people could play pretend cop. But what endeared Time Crisis to the average arcade player was the value it put on his life, enabling the player to duck behind objects with a revolutionary pump of the foot pedal. No other shooting game was smart enough to feature interactivity like this back then.

Go back to the old-school at your resident mall’s gaming arcade if the Time Crisis machine still works. It’s also still playable on either PlayStation or Xbox.  It’s a shame that no new version is in the works, because we could really use an outlet for unloading. Geddit, unloading?

[Image: Gamesdbase]

5. Pac-Man

Simplicity is the key - that’s what the time-tested domination of Pac-Man has shown us. The sound of Mr Pac-Man hungrily gulping down dots is probably one of the most recognisable sound effects ever. And did you know that each of those ghouls were actually designed to have their own personalities? They’re not as soulless as you’d imagine.

Play it via iOS or Android. It's been rehashed many times in every form from a Ms Pac-Man version to a karting one. And nothing quite says "top dog" like a family of illegitimate success-hungry relatives courtesy of Bally Midway’s unauthorised creations. 

Good old gaming days

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