5 tips to use Samsung Pay like a boss

You can do more than simply tap and go with the mobile payment system

Close to a month into the launch of Samsung Pay and you might have already mastered the nuances of the mobile payment system.

After all, it's really as simple as tapping the phone to a payment terminal, authorise it with your fingerprint or PIN and you are good to go.

But before you get all excited about using Samsung Pay, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start tapping and paying with Samsung Pay. Or in our words, how to use Samsung Pay like a boss.

Additional text by Nicholas Yong

Tip 1: Put all your credit cards on Samsung Pay

It might seem a tad excessive but it's really necessary. At least it's quite easy to add cards to Samsung Pay as the app is smart enough to identify the credit card numbers when the camera scans and captures the details.

But don't be fully reliant on the automated system to capture the numbers. There are instances where it might have misread the details. Tally the numbers with those on your credit card and select whether you want a verification code to be sent to you via SMS or through a call. Enter the code and you're done.

Now here's why you'll thank us for this advice. Since you no longer have to fumble through your wallet or purse to find the credit card to tap, it's easier to just select the card that has a discount with that retailer from the phone. While it's prudent to keep your spending on one card, it doesn't hurt to have more options to take advantage of the discounts on different cards.

Tip 2: Look out for Samsung Pay deals

Remember, diligently checking the Samsung Pay app has its rewards. Scroll through the promos on the main menu, or tap on the more option on the top right corner to check what's coming up in the deals category. It could be vouchers, freebies to be redeemed or even more.

Tip 3: Track your spending

Every single sen you spend on Samsung Pay is reported. Kind of like getting an advance notice of how much you've spent before the credit card bill reaches you. For the prudent spender, this is going to be of tremendous use. More so when you need to track how much you're spending before pay day arrives.

Pro-tip: set a mental limit and compare it to the actual spending on your card. Trust us, it's going to help you save more in the long run and not survive on bread and water when the credit card bill is due.

Tip 4: Activate Simple Pay

Admittedly, Samsung Pay requires that one additional swipe to activate the mobile payment system before you can tap and pay.

But the good news is, you don't have to wake the phone up to do that. Just make sure Simple Pay is activated for the lock screen, home screen and screen off.

With that done, you just swipe upwards from the bottom of the screen and you can start using Samsung Pay.

Tip 5: Say you're paying with credit card or via PayWave or PayPass

No, really. Merchants tend to give a bewildered look when you request to make the purchase using Samsung Pay. To make things easier, tell them you'd like to use your credit card. Because that's essentially what you're doing, except you're tapping with your phone instead of your card.

For PayWave or Paypass terminals, it's quite straightforward and you probably won't get weird stares or questions from the counter staff. However, if the merchant only has a normal credit card machine, it might be a trickier. For one, you could pass the phone to the staff and ask them to tap it on the terminal. A successful transaction would get some surprised looks from the staff.

But more often that not, they'll insist it can't be done. At this point, be firm and ask for the credit card terminal, tap the phone to it and you'll get the same effect.

tl;dr - be firm about using Samsung Pay, even if you have to say you're using a credit card.