5 reasons to be excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda

Space’s greatest action-RPG is back - and there’s plenty to anticipate

It's been delayed several times, but the latest iteration of Mass Effect is finally here. Well, almost.

Scheduled to launch on 21 March, it's safe to say that there's a heap of anticipation surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda - and with good reason.

See, we've been hands-on with Andromeda and, while it'll take a full review to get to grips with this mammoth title, we can confirm one thing now: it's up there with the best of Mass Effect.

Want to know what's worth getting excited about? Read on, space explorer.

1) You'll jump with a jetpack

Yes, it's true: Mass Effect: Andromeda will include a new jump-jet mechanic.

This might not sound like something particularly special but, believe us, it adds a whole new dimension to both combat and exploration.

You're able to jump, hover for brief periods and boost forward using the pack, which means you'll find-all new forms of cover when you're fighting alien foes, as you leap over crates, onto rocks and generally all over the place.

It also introduces novel ways to advance through planets as you look for ledges and vertical routes, where before it was all down on the ground.

Sure, a new cache of weapons available across all classes (divided into firearms, pistols, shotguns and rifles, as well as melee weapons) makes combat both accessible and addictive - but the novelty of being able to leap, bound and bounce is unparalleled.