5 new tricks Siri has learnt to enhance your Apple experience

Siri-ously, Apple’s sassy virtual assistant is smarter than ever

Before there were Google Now and Cortana, there was Siri.

Born in 2011 alongside the iPhone 4S, Siri has been waiting in the wings, accumulating better smarts with each generation of Apple software and hardware.

As of now, she recognises your voice, has honed her understanding of different accents, and is more responsive than ever. Don’t believe us? Enable Hey Siri on your different iThings, speak the command, and watch her come to life on all your iThings simultaneously.

As WWDC 2016’s real star, these are the different ways Siri is going to improve your life.

Siri will search YouTube

No longer will you have to trawl through the organised chaos that is YouTube all on your lonesome on Apple TV. All you have to do is ask Siri to surface funny cat videos and she’ll do that for you. No request is too dumb for her.

Siri will run your smart home

With HomeKit and Home app in place, Siri can now manage your home for you. “Lower the temperature to 25 degrees celsius.” No problem. “Switch the backyard lights on.” Done deal. She could be the voice to unite the fragmented smart home system.

Siri will multitask for you on your Mac

At long last, Siri is headed for macOS. She will hang out in the depths of your Mac to bring you the files you’re looking for, send messages, and search for information that you can easily drag and drop into other programs.

In short, all the tasks that you’re too important for. Just say the word and Siri will do the dirty boring work for you and give Cortana a run for her money.

Siri is friendlier than ever

She now cooperates with third party apps so you can ask her to book an Uber for you, or send a WhatsApp message for you, perhaps even post something to Facebook on your behalf.

The point is her talents are not limited to Apple’s native apps anymore; she’s been liberated to do much, much more.

Siri can see into the future

She has gotten to know you so like an old friend, she can even finish your sentences. She’s taking her knowledge of you into the QuickType keyboard and sending you suggestions as soon as you type them, so you don’t have to hop out of the app you’re in to locate it.

She knows you’re way too important for that.