5 new things your PS4 can now do

Software version 4.5 is here - and it's chock full of tricks

Short of a whole new box, it's software updates that keep console owners happy, delivering new tricks and better experiences in the same all-black package.

Good news, then: Sony has just announced that the 4.5 system update for PlayStation 4 - which has spent the last month or so in beta - will roll out on 9 March.

What's in store, though? Worry not, for we've detailed all the juicy bits coming in the new update. Five of them, in fact, all of which are listed below for your delectation.

1) External hard drive support

This one's simple, really: if you're short on storage space, you'll now be able to stick an external hard drive into your PS4 for extra space.

In fact, there's a good chance almost any USB 3.0 storage device will play nice with your PlayStation after the 4.5 update - though Sony isn't offering any guarantees.

Once it's downloaded, simply stick your drive into the console, format it through the devices menu and - voila! - you're ready to fill it with games, apps and more.

Drives between 256GB and a whopping 8TB in capacity will be supported, which means you'll be able to vastly expand your PS4's storage with ease. What's more, it'll be possible to sling existing games and apps over to your new drive, too.