26 ways you're unknowingly draining your iPhone's battery

Listening to unnecessary suggestions

App suggestions might be helpful, but they certainly won’t assist in extending your battery life. This setting uses your location to push app suggestions to you at the bottom left hand corner of your Lock screen. For example, bringing up an airline-related app if you’re at the airport. But at least you have the option to turn it off.

Do this instead: Again, tap on SettingsHandoff & Suggested Apps and switch off either My Apps (to not get alerts based on the apps you have) or App Store (to not get app suggestions based on what you don’t already have). Thanks, but no thanks.

Image: BGR

Killing the wrong app(s)

Ever been so sick of your iPhone dying on you before the day is done that you just close every app in desperation? Now you don’t have to. This insight brought to you by iOS 9 under the new dedicated Battery tab names and shames the apps that are lapping up most of your battery juice.

Do this instead: Go to SettingsGeneralUsage and finally Battery Usage to suss out which are the greedy apps and discharge them accordingly. Begone now, you evil energy-sapping app. (We’ll have you back when our iPhone battery is recharged)

Staying up to date on too many apps

Unbeknownst to you, your iPhone is killing its own battery by ensuring your apps are constantly refreshed when you’re on Wi-Fi or your mobile network, which basically means all the time. Do you really need breaking lists from BuzzFeed? We didn’t think so. 

Do this instead: Tap on Settings, General, and lastly Background App Refresh. Turn the entire thing off if you don’t fancy its function, or disable on an app-to-app basis. Use the battery saved to complete essential tasks instead.

Going crazy on notifications

It’s nice having your phone vibrate like you’re the most popular person in the world: achievement unlocked on a game, new messages on Facebook, a new Tinder match... but it’s best to keep notifications to whatever’s necessary, otherwise it's just a waste of battery to hear from your camera app that new filters are available for purchase.

Do this instead: Go to Settings, Notifications Centre, and then Customisations and have a field day disabling all the apps you don’t wish to hear from. You’d be surprised at how many you’ve unwittingly enabled.

Closing apps

You didn’t read us wrong. Closing apps can actually make your battery life worse as iOS 9 has been designed to intelligently handle apps that are in the background. On the flipside, every time you load an app from scratch, it drinks up more battery life than if you were to wake a sleeping app up.

Do this instead: Keep your apps running unless you know it’s something you won’t be using in a long while. If you keep on returning to WhatsApp, it might be worth your while to keep it sleeping in the background.