15 totally amazing one-thumb games to play on your iPhone 6

Love gaming but don't have banana thumbs? Don’t despair! Read our list!
The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

You might have noticed that Apple has released the iPhone 6, and it comes in two sizes: big and bigger.

Unless you’re armed with banana thumbs, that means all those great one-thumb games you used to play while on a train/crossing the road without looking out for traffic/simultaneously in an epic swordfight with Zorro must now be consigned to the trash.

BUT WAIT! There are still loads of great games that you can totally play, even if your tiny digit can only reach a relatively small amount of the screen. Here are 15 of our favourites…

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Threes! (US$1.99)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

This insanely addictive puzzle game has you sliding numbered tiles around a grid, merging them to create ever-higher numbers until you run out of space. The concept is simple, like Tetris. But it will invade your dreams, like Tetris. Seriously. There’s no escape.

The game’s also surprisingly cute, each card having its own character and personality. And it’s also approximately 2048 times better than 2048, which horribly ripped it off.

Thumbability: TWO THUMBS UP! Big buttons, which are easy to reach, and the game enables you to swipe from anywhere.

Download Threes here!

Doug Dug. (US$1.99)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

Doug is a dwarf on a mission. His aim is to dig deep underground and grab all of the shiny things, to satisfy his hunger for bling. The key is to not get greedy and end up crushed to death by avalanches that you mostly cause through overly ambitious digging, or get eaten by various subterranean nasties. It’s a bit of Mr Driller mashed into a smattering of Dig Dug, and it's very addictive indeed.

Thumbability: TWO THUMBS UP! Drag-hold anywhere to move. New games are easy to start. Minor thumb gymnastics are required for activating special objects you probably won’t use much anyway.

Download Doug Dug here

Canabalt (US$2.99)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

The original side-on leapy game, where a tiny figure bounds across rooftops and through office windows, attempting to escape from a city seemingly being torn apart by giant monsters. Fast-paced and with a rousing soundtrack, Canabalt now also boasts several alternate modes, soundtracks and leapy people, giving it a much-needed longevity boost.

Thumbability: ONE THUMBS UP! The main game is tap-to-jump, but it’s played in landscape and the entry screen requires some stretching to reach the options.

Download Canabalt here

Sausage!! Sausage!! Sausage!! (US$free)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

The App Store description sums up this game nicely: “This is the best game for a billion people who loves sausages in the world!!” [sic] And in order to show your love for the sausages, which are cruelly being dropped from above, you must catch them in a bun. It’s the most basic of one-thumb timing tests, but it’s fun and what more could you want? Apart from mustard, obviously.

Thumbability: TWO THUMBS UP! Simple gameplay and easy-to-reach buttons for starting a new game.

Download Sausage!! Sausage!! Sausage!! here

Fotonica (US$2.99)

The best one-thumb games for iPhone 6

Fotonica takes Canabalt, turns it 90 degrees, zooms into a first-person view, and then shoves the lot through a Rez-style vector visual filter of fragmented landscapes. The arcade mode comprises seven really tough set courses, and then you can try your luck at three insanely challenging endless modes. It’s a gorgeous endless runner, and perfect for one-thumbing it with a new iPhone.

Thumbability: ONE THUMBS UP! In-game is hold to run and let go to jump. The menus might need Reachability on the iPhone 6 Plus, but otherwise it’s all good. It also works in landscape or portrait (the latter of which is best).

Download Fotonica here

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