13) A self-sealing iPhone

The iPhone 7 is thankfully waterproof and can be safely dunked underwater for upwards of 30 minutes, but Apple is repotedly working on some next-generation weatherproofing powers. That's according to a patent application discovered last year.

That application shows Apple's concept for "self-healing" rubber port enclosures, which split apart when you insert a headphone jack or Lightning cable. When removed, they expand back to their normal shape, thus closing up the holes. Granted, the headphone port is now long gone with the iPhone 7, but adding something like that to the Lightning port could save some accidentally-submerged phones from the scrap heap.

Likelihood: 5/10

14) Contorting Apple Watch bands

We already have a fair number of Apple Watch band choices, but this one could add a truly functional boost to the smartwatch. A patent application discovered early last year shows a magnetic, contorting band that serves a couple of unique purposes.

In one form, it can be used to cover the screen of the Watch, which is perfect for keeping it scratch-free when in your pocket or a bag. And it can also be rolled in a way that keeps the Watch upright when on a nightstand or desk, eliminating the need for a dock.

Lastly, the magnets mean you can attach the Watch to a fridge or metal cabinet when you need to take it off to do the dishes or other grunt work.

Likelihood: 5/10

15) A Touch ID touchscreen

Apple's Touch ID really set in motion the whole trend of mobile fingerprint sensors, but who needs a button when you can have the entire screen? That's what a patent application discovered in early 2015 suggests, as Apple could build the fingerprint recognition technology directly into an iPhone or iPad screen.

Not only would it scan one finger at a time (and from any point on the display), but potentially many fingers, or even your entire hand. Now that's next-level security. We haven't heard any other rumours here lately, though, so it's unclear whether the concept will actually be used.

Likelihood: 3/10