10 updates you might have missed at WWDC 2017

With loads of announcements this year, these few may have slipped through the cracks

With the sheer number of  announcements at WWDC 17, plenty of exciting small details have slipped through the cracks.

Most of the limelight was taken by the big ones such as the beautiful new iMac Pro and iPads that even other significant updates like the little things within iOS 11 weren't given the attention they deserved. But we've got you covered, so read on to save yourselves the oblivion when your other tech-savvy mates come talking about these other bits of juicy news.

WatchOS Updates

The new Apple WatchOS update brings quite a few features to the table.

Siri's now a part of the watch face, so she'll be dropping timely information based on what she's learnt about your life through sophisticated machine learning. It'll be interesting to see what a robot makes of our daily routine. "Master, perhaps it's time to hit the gym?"

Other updates include plenty of new watch faces, better prompting from the fitness app along with its new UI, and sending emails straight from your watch.

Screen recording

A controversial move; the iOS update allows users to screen record their phones. This means recording whatever you watch to on-screen actions you perform, then being able to push it out to the world. 

While it's going to be incredibly helpful in teaching your folks how to use their devices, there's also concerns of hacking and illegal monitoring without your knowledge. But we're sure Apple's on it right now.

Peer-to-peer payment

"Apple Pay Cash" is a new feature integrated into iMessage. A bit like a digital debit card, it'll allow you to make peer-to-peer payments as easily as sending a text message. That's sure to ease Carousell or Mudah transactions enormously, as well as splitting the cost for meals. 

When's Apple Pay coming to Malaysia, we're waiting.

Apple Pencil case

Not everything impresses and this is chief of the lot; a piece news that slipped right through the cracks, probably because of just how silly it is. It's going to cost £29 (RM160), and it's barely a pencil case and more of a sheath for the pencil, or a glorified sock, if you will.  

Considering the fact that Apple already have a pencil holder built into their iPad Pro case, we can't imagine the use for the case, which isn't going to prevent it from being lost either. It's just so Apple of them.