The 10 things you need to know about the awesome new Sonos PlayBase

What is it? How much is it? When can I get one? Answers to those questions and more are but a click away

There’s a new Sonos speaker! But it’s probably not what you were expecting. Unless you were expecting a soundbase - because that’s exactly what it is.

Have no idea what a soundbase is? Allow me to clear that up and fill you in on the other nine things you need to know about Sonos’ latest, perhaps greatest, creation yet.

And if that’s not enough for you, check this out - I’ve already heard the thing. You can read what I thought of it by jabbing your jabby finger right here.

More interested in the headline facts? Just keep scrolling.

1) It’s essentially a PlayBar that you can plonk your telly on

A soundbar is great if you’re wall-mounting your telly and want to do the same for your speaker but if, like almost every other person in the UK, your TV stands on a, umm, stand, a soundbar is going to look daft propped up in front of it.

The solution? A soundbar that isn’t a soundbar at all, but a base upon which your telly can stand, majestically, like the proud centrepiece of your lounge.

That’s what the Sonos PlayBase is - a PlayBar that’s been remoulded as a pedestal for your TV.

2) It’s super-solid, despite being riddled with holes

Of course, if it were that easy, idiots like me would be making things instead of simply writing about things that other people have made and, clearly, a huge amount of engineering expertise has gone into crafting the PlayBase.

The design is simple and seamless, but also supremely solid. Solid enough, in fact, to take the weight of a 34kg TV without even a hint of flex. Got a TV heavier than that? It must be ancient if so, because almost no telly weighs that much these days.

And while the PlayBase is super-minimalist, with just one ‘proper’ button (for pairing) and a couple of touch-sensitive buttons (for play/pause, volume and skipping tracks), it’s not without funky, nerdy details, such as the 43,000 holes that come in five different sizes to regulate airflow across different sections of the speaker.

3) It sounds practically identical to the PlayBar

Sonos doesn’t want you to choose between the PlayBar and PlayBase for sound reasons, and it’s gone to great lengths to ensure the two devices sound practically identical.

Having heard the two in a brief side-by-side comparison, I reckon it’s pretty much mission accomplished, although I’m quite looking forward to putting the theory to further test once we get our review sample of the PlayBase.

Who’re you calling a nerd?

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