The 10 most influential games IN RECORDED HISTORY

The mould-breaking, genre-defining, inspirational classics that changed the world (of computer games).
top 10 most influential games

Every once in a while, a game comes along that changes things, that shakes things up and turns things on their head, that makes people sit forward on their sofas and say things like "woah, would you look at that". These are the 10 games that rattled the game-cage, that rocked the game-boat, that sent tremors through the game-tectonic-plate, more than any others.

10. Tomb Raider (1995)

This caves 'n' clambering caper did two things really well, and we're not talking about Lara's pneumatic polygons: it introduced a female character into the man's world of video games. The athletic Lara Croft and her stylish climbing, jumping and shooting would quickly become a template for many brilliant games, including the spectacular Uncharted series.

9. Virtua Racing (1992)

The first of Sega's adventures into 3D, this landmark game introduced polygon-based racing to the arcades. Not only did it look about a thousand years more advanced than the 2D cabinets standing alongside it in the arcade, but Virtua Racing also featured superbly realistic driving gameplay. It still looks half decent now.   

8. GTA III (2001)

While the GTA series was already known for its vehicular assault on the senses, the threequel still astonished PlayStation2 owners with its staggeringly complex free-roaming world. There were missions, sure, but never before had we loaded up a game just to... hang out. Just to listen to the radio and look at the posters. It wasn’t just a game, it was a place.