10 devices from the Samsung Forum to look out for in Malaysia

Sammy’s got a boatload of cool stuff coming our way and here are the best of them
10 best Samsung Forum devices

Samsung's having a big do over here in Bali and they're showcasing some of the best tech that'll be coming over to our shores in the next couple of months. Here are 10 of them that you should really keep your eyes peeled for.

1. Samsung 78-inch U9000 Curved UHD TV

Samsung U9000

78 inches of curves. That’s what the U9000 brings to the table. The fact that it’s already a monster of 78 inches is impressive enough. But size isn’t the only thing about it that impresses. It also comes kitted out with some pretty impressive features. There’s UHD 4k resolution, Smart TV functions powered by a quad core processor and a curved design that improves the viewing experience. Did we mention it looks pretty good as well?

2. Samsung HW-H600 SoundStand

Samsung HW-H600 SoundStand

Yes that is a pair of speakers, believe it or not.  This unassuming block may look like a stand for a TV but it’s actually a multidirectional speaker designed for 32 to 55-inch TVs. The best part?  No wires. At least no cables to your TV that is. That’s because it connects wirelessly to your idiot box so you won’t have to deal with the unsightly mess in your perfect living room setting.