10 of the best movie homes

Wayne Manor (Batman Begins/The Dark Knight Rises)

Batman Begins
The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises

Situated in Gotham City’s exclusive Palisades district, stately Wayne Manor is an extremely desirable residence in the “Jacobethan” style. Owned by the Wayne family since the Civil War era, the house boasts an impressive array of reception rooms, bedrooms and ballrooms, as well as ample basement space. The foundations in the south-east corner need some work, though.

Wayne Manor was actually represented by two different stately homes in Christopher Nolan's Batman films – in Batman Begins, Mentmore Towers was used for exterior shots of the building (which makes it very obvious that Gotham's Palisades is apparently located in Buckinghamshire). When the Manor's rebuilt in The Dark Knight Rises, Wollaton Hall – a near-exact duplicate of Mentmore Towers – fills in for Wayne's pad.

The Budwing residence (Zathura)


This Craftsman-style house gets put through the wringer when it’s whisked into outer space, battered by meteors and blasted by Zorgons. But fortunately, the abuse was only heaped onto a miniature by director Jon Favreau – the real house used for the exteriors is still intact, and sitting in South Pasadena.

Patrick Bateman’s apartment (American Psycho)

Located in the prestigious American Gardens Building on Manhattan’s West 81st Street, this 11th-floor apartment is a vision of restrained 80s good taste – if a little cold and clinical, with its white-and-stainless-steel finish and abundance of brand-name home furnishings. Just don’t go rummaging in the back of the fridge. Or starting conversations about music.