The 10 best games for giving your brain a workout

4. Super Bomberman 2 (1995)

Bomberman is one of gaming's key archetypes, a genre all of its own that spans generations. You start in a corner, with just a bomb on you. Try not to blow yourself up, drop it somewhere strategic and run away from the blast. Get more powerful and repeat. For two decades.

3. Lemmings (1991)

One of the most original concepts in puzzle gaming, Lemmings was all about assigning tasks to your suicidal rodents at speed. You played god by trying to keep them alive, building, digging, controlling and even detonating a sad few for the greater good of level clearing. Great soundtrack too.

2. Tetris (1989)

The very model of simplicity. The computer equivalent of Snap or Draughts, Tetris is now omnipresent on pretty much every hardware format known to man - seriously, there are probably kettles which can play it. It's easy for a bit, then gradually ramps it up until you swear further progress is impossible. But will try again, just to check. And again. And again. One Stuff staffer spent an entire 11-hour flight to America playing it. Without stopping. The Game Boy version remains the best, but if you don't own it on your current smartphone, you're a fool.