The 10 best games for destroying your social life

Friends? Who needs friends, when you've got a +5 Ring of Elvish Quickening?

Some games demand more than a couple of nights a week. Some games are so compulsive, so infuriantingly addictive, that we disappear for months at a time before we're eventually pried from our sofas, squinting and wheezing like naked mole rats, scrabbling with our wasted muscles for one more squeeze of the controller. If you've never been there, perhaps you have more self-control than us. Or perhaps you've never played any of the following, rated by their power to keep you from the outside world...

10. Darksiders (2010)

Not 'apocalyptic' in the usual Hollywood movie sense, but literally apocalyptic in that players take control of War, one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, during the final battle between heaven and hell. A dark, super-dramatic Zelda, it combines tricky combat with adventure aspects and a massive gameworld stocked of terrors to keep you playing well past the 50-hour mark.