The 10 best classic Asian horror comedies

Magic Cop (1990)

Lam Ching Ying returns, as a policeman imbued with an expertise in Taoist magic, to - you guessed it - fight evil.

Basically a modern incarnation of his famous monobrowed priest character, Lam takes a break from beating on hopping zombies, to combat black magic and necromancy on the Hong Kong mainland. By this time, the jiangshi sub-genre was near its peak, as filmmakers started moving their movies away from the period setting into the present. Hong Kong film fans will also notice Wu Ma, another mainstay of the action comedy genre - who is arguably the most famous for his appearance in our next movie...

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A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)

Thanks to this movie, its subsequent sequels and remakes, A Chinese Ghost Story is doubtlessly the most well known Asian ghost story (amongst Chinese audiences). Its success also popularized its characters into archetypes; the bumbling scholar, the beautiful female spirit, the demon king and the warrior priest were referenced, parodied and plagiarised endlessly in other works.

Much of the film's appeal also lay in the strength of its cast - Leslie Cheung and Joey Wong were both in their prime as they played the lead roles, bringing a touch of class to a genre more well known for its action and buffoonery, than the good looks of its actors.

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