We watched the eighth episode of Star Wars before you and here’s why you should run to the nearest cinema right now.

Handing over the mantle to Director Rian Johnson from J.J. Abrams proved a fresh take on the Star Wars universe that keeps the core aspect intact while taking bold steps towards new and refreshingly better ways of storytelling.

The Force Awakens was a good movie, but it felt more like a fan visit than a new chapter in the Star Wars franchise. The Last Jedi picks up from where the previous instalment left and builds upon it superbly.

This is a spoiler-free review, but if you just want it quickly, here it is - Go watch it right now!

Same star, new shine

Right from the start, the story embraces an old, disoriented Luke Skywalker much like in his young padawan days. His teacher/student relationship with Rey open new doors for an interesting take on the Light and Dark side of the Star Wars franchise that kept me wondering.

While this episode branches the other characters to their different missions which is quite time-consuming, each one felt like it's adding a new purpose to those characters, not to mention having a sense of change in the Star Wars movies. A welcome change.

We don’t want to give away any spoilers, but from what Star Wars is advertising on social media - Let the past die - that very well seeps in what Rian Johnson has planned for the movie. As if repeatedly telling us that it’s time to hand over the mantle from the old characters to the new.

The light side

While this bold new step might create a debate between hardcore fans, Star Wars has always had a humorous side. Since it is under Disney’s wing now, I feared that Marvel’s unnecessary forceful comedy might creep into Star Wars universe as well. However that’s not the case, the Last Jedi has its moments but they won’t be a deal breaker for many as Thor: Ragnarok was.

The acting cast is amazing to say the least. Daisy Ridley (Rey) does a fantastic job of delivering nerve-wracking moments with Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) creating tension, intensity and new topics to bombard on Reddit.

Oscar Isaac (Poe) is given more than enough screen time and I have to say, I love his character even more now. Force Awakens didn’t get me excited about a careless pilot, The Last Jedi did.


Everything you love about Star Wars is still here and everything you didn’t expect is waiting for you at the cinema. This movie takes a giant leap to the Dark Side and another one towards the Light Side, both of which will keep you guessing, entertained and amazed with a little sprinkle of fan pleasing moments as well.

We’ve kept this short and without discussing much about the plot so as to not ruin it for anyone. That said, go on and enjoy the movie with an open mind and prepare yourself to think differently this time.

Note: Do yourself a favour and watch it in IMAX, preferably PVR

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Spoiler-free) review

Best Star Wars movie in a long, long time from a director far, far away 
Good Stuff 
Great acting
Awesome storyline
Will keep you guessing
Bigger and bolder
Rian Johnson deserves an ice cream party
Bad Stuff 
Side journeys of other characters might feel pointless
Tickets are sold out