If there's been one gap in Sennheiser's otherwise exhaustive headphone range, it's been the lack of a really great, good-looking set of on-ears. Well gap begone, here are the Sennheiser Momentums. 

Now, we're aware we're not always the voice of authority on fashion but to us the Momentums look superb in their bronze finish. The leather headband and earcups are very comfortable and at the same time add a bit of class, and the soft but nug fit helps to isolate outside noise. Even the mic/remote unit has a premium feel.

In action they're really nicely judged – smooth and balanced from top to bottom, with plenty of detail and space. A little extra punch would be nice, but these are great nonetheless. 

There's no noise cancellation sure but as we said, they do isolate nicely. While they don't fold down, there is a neat case included. 

The Momentums are just hanging on to their spot in our world-famous Top Ten list of best headphones. Classily styled, cushion-comfortable and smooth-sounding, these Sennheisers are the perfect pair of on-ears for the dapper man about town. 

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Sennheiser Momentum review

The Momentums are the perfect pair of on-ears for the dapper man about town