Who said that a problem with your heart can arise only after you cross 50 years of age? Even a 20-year-old could suffer a cardiac arrest. It all depends on your lifestyle. From the food you eat, to when and how you eat it, to how much exercise you do and how much of stress you put on. Taking care of your heart is vital and making sure you listen to it when it’s in distress is something you should not ignore.

Taking an ECG regularly is a must. For those who have been informed of a weaker heart, a routine ECG report is compulsory. Heading to the lab or checking in with your doctor is probably the only way you could get your ECG taken and analyzed. While this costs nothing less than ₹500 to ₹1500, and even more if your lab or doctor has a bigger name, those who cannot afford it will probably shy away at the risk of his or her health. What if we told you taking an ECG is now possible at home too? And at dirt-cheap to almost negligible prices?

Build, Specifications of SanketLife 2.0 ECG

SanketLife 2.0 ECG is a keychain with an ECG machine built right into it. Developed by Agasta, a solution provider for rapid assessment of cardiac health for both non doctors and health care providers had announced this highly portable device that uses AI along with an IoT driven platform. The device is a brainchild of co-founders and husband-wife duo Rahul and Neha Rastogi. It is a simple compact device that is about the size of an SD card reader. It is built using a plastic body and has three metal probes, two on the face and one on the side. A simple button on the bottom and that completes this little ECG machine that can be hung on your keychain, and can travel with you at all times. While the entire build quality if the device seems rugged, it does not feel like a good finished product. Well, the purpose of the device is to check your heart signals and not to aesthetically please someone, it does not matter as much.

The device contains a Bluetooth-based IoT circuit that connects to your smartphone or tablet, be it Android or iOS. Simply install the companion app, register yourself and wait for a call from the SanketLife team to help you use and activate it. Once done, all you need to do is sit down, relax and do an ECG yourself. The device has a small LED indicator to tell of its status and a small button on the back for power.

How to use the SanketLife 2.0 ECG

Using it is pretty simple. Initially, after your device is activated, all you need to do is fill in your personal and medical details required on the app. These include vital information such as cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar, height, weight and blood group, apart from your name, age, gender, DOB, contact details, and if you are a smoker, alcoholic or diabetic.

Once done with the above, you can start right away. Simply head to taking your ECG and choose from the Single Lead ECG, Standard Limb Lead, Standard Chest Lead or Standard 12 Lead. All these can be done with the simple three-lead SanketLife 2.0 ECG device. After choosing the option you need, hit the Measure button and follow the steps you see on the animated procedure shown on the screen. This animation will help you precisely place the leads (thumb+-thumb or thumb-chest) across your body and ask you to hold still, while being in a relaxed position. You can take your ECG readings when you are sitting or laying down, but as long as you are still and relaxed. If you want a more thorough 12-lead ECG option, you can opt for the SanketLife 2.0 SwitchSy which offers 12 leads/wires for a complete ECG checkup, or opt for the SanketLife Pro+ which is similar to the 2.0, but has an option to convert into the normal lead-based ECG machine by connecting a Switchsy

Using it is pretty simple. All you need to do is place your left and right thumbs on two leads on the face and take the readings. For multiple leads or chest readings, place the right thumb on the lead marked R and place the edge lead on your chest and take the readings. Note: you have to stay still until the readings are complete. Once the readings are noted, they are then transmitted via Bluetooth to your app and stored/sent to the doctor. 

I did my test. Now what?

Well, your ECG once taken is converted into a report with a PDF file which contains all your information, along with the graph readings of the ECG. This report is then sent across automatically to the doctors on standby at SanketLife, who analyse each report and reply back on your email with their analysis. They will inform you of dos and don’ts and if you need to get more medical attention or a superior checkup done if your reports are problematic. The online doctors are available 24x7, so you could seek advice whenever you need it.

Your reports can also be sent to your doctor over email, WhatsApp or whatever means you need. You can also print it out to send it across or keep in your medical files. Depending on the SanketLife 2.0 ECG kit you buy, you get 50 to 100 ECG tests for free.  Actually, according to SanketLife, the device is free and you pay for the tests. No monthly charges, nothing. After you finish those, you can opt for single tests @₹20-₹50 each or top up your package.  

How reliable is the SanketLife 2.0 ECG machine?

Well, as for Agasta, SanketLife is very reliable and each unit is calibrated to give you almost 95-100% accuracy. All one needs to take care of is not to use the device in presence of electrical equipment, such as a microwave oven, mixer grinder, or any electrical/electronic device that can cause interference with the device’s operation. The devices don’t need any maintenance or calibration, according to SanketLife, but the leads do need to be super clean before any use on occasionally. To maintain each lead’s electrical sensitivity, it is advised to keep them clean before and after use by rubbing it with a damp cloth or using a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This needs to be taken care of since the leads are metal and they can corrode in time, depending on the environment they are used in. As for the internal battery, it is sufficient enough almost 50 – 100 readings. But the battery life will completely depend on how many times and how long it is being used for. Changing the battery is pretty easy — simply take it to any electronics store/repairman or a watchmaker and he can replace the battery easily. A battery replacement will cost you around ₹40.

Is the SanketLife 2.0 ECG machine certified?

Yes. SanketLife states that they are CDSCO approved and a self notified CE. The device is certified with ETSI EN 300 328 V1.91:2015, CE, EC13. IEC 61000-4-2:2008, IEC 61000-4-3:2007 certifications and tested by TÜV Rheinland, Germany. This pocket ECG machine displays real-time reports, physical stress and repeated displays of body stress and can point up to 30 irregularities in the body which can drastically affect your heart health in the long run. SanketLife also provides free SDK for easy integration with other apps. 

Great. Now that I have the SanketLife 2.0 ECG, how can it help me?

The device is not meant to save lives immediately. It is a home-based personal ECG machine that can help you monitor your heart whenever and wherever you want. With the readings, you can get initial reports and early signs of any issues with your heart and seek medical advise or help before time. Patients can also ask their family members or relatives/friends to help take immediate ECG readings for them if they face any symptoms of chest pains in case of emergencies, especially when late at night. Heart diseases are preventable with timely interventions. However, for that, it’s imperative to monitor heart function regularly.

SanketLife 2.0 ECG Verdict

We gave SanketLife 2.0 ECG a 5-star rating based on its price, features, functions and portability. As for it being a medical device, we would advice you to sort more information and seek advice from your doctor on using this device for your personal use. This ECG machine is super simple to use, and very cheap to own. It is probably one of the most affordable personal and highly compact and portable ECG machines out there. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and you can monitor the health of your heart yourself. The SanketLife ECG machine is highly beneficial for those who have a medical history with their heart and for those who want to ensure that their heart is fit, well in advance. This device is a must-have for those who have a stress-filled life, are overweight, have a similar medical history, or alike. This device is also a must have for every doctor who can instantly monitor a patient or in a remote area where lab equipments are not easily available. SanketLife 2.0 ECG is available starting at ₹2499. 

Stuff says... 

SanketLife 2.0 Pocket ECG review

If you are keen on having a good, healthy heart, this pocket ECG machine can help you.
Good Stuff 
Easy to use
Very affordable
Can send reports to your personal doctor
Can send reports to your personal doctor
Bad Stuff 
Rechargeable battery option would have been ideal
Overall build could have been better
App guidance for readings could have been better