For those who use the PC or laptop just for creating little documents, socialising or binging on streaming content, data storage and security may not be of outmost importance. However, if you ask a designer, video editor or a server manager what does data security mean to him, he will give you a stern look.

Well, data storage not only means large capacity, but also speedy transfers and quicker backups. And when it comes to speed, reliability and portability, there’s no other option but to look at an SSD. With no mechanical or moving parts, and high-speed compact memory chips inside them, SSDs aren’t prone to physical drops, which makes them reliable. Additionally, SSDs are highly compact, which makes them easily portable too. However, they are not as cheap as regular hard drives. The Sandisk Extreme Pro 1TB was with us for a short while and here’s what we have to say about it.

The Sandisk Extreme Pro is built using a solid and rugged body — a tough aluminium-silicone combo, making it highly resistant to bending, water, dust and accidental drops. Additionally, the entire unit is very compact and is as light and small as a visiting card holder. This makes it highly portable and safe to carry around in your pocket or backpack. The top has a large gap/triangular hole to the right; you can hook it on to a carabineer to ensure it stays safe with you. Lastly, the bottom has a water-tight USB Type-C slot for connectivity. The SSD comes bundled with USB Type-C and USB Type-A cables for easy connectivity with PCs, Macs and tablets.

The Sandisk Extreme Pro comes in three variants — 500GB, 1TB and 2TB, all built using high-speed NVMe technology that allows data to transfer at blazing speeds of up to 1050MB/s. With these speeds and compatible computers, you can actually edit videos and photos straight from the drive itself — no need to waste time ‘reading-editing-saving-writing’. In short, you don’t need to sacrifice on your computer’s internal storage at all.

As for the performance, do we need to say anything? Well, if we go according to the technical papers, they may sound too good to be true. However, those are under lab conditions and their speeds are recorded with a set size and number of files, done under a controlled temperature and a few other stringent parameters. When in the real world, things are different. It all depends on how fast is your PC, what type of USB port you plug it into, what programs and tasks are running in the background and, lastly, if there are any antivirus programs interfering with the transfer speeds.

The SSD is pre-formatted from the manufacturer using exFAT, with a max storage available as 931GB, which is normal. If benchmarking software are to be considered, you will witness speeds between 900MB/s and 930MB/s. But in real world cases, multiple small and large file transfers end up with a number between 580MB/s peak and around 330MB/s on the lowest side. As we mentioned, it all depends on the size, number of files transferred and the type of PC used for the process.

The drive is blazing fast if we have to consider it against standard spinning hard drives over USB. Being highly portable and rugged, the drive is best for those who want to carry around important data with them and need seriously fast data transfers. The Sandisk Extreme Pro also comes with a software (copied on the drive itself) that helps you password-protect your data to keep it safe and secure. The SecureAccess software is the company’s own data encryption software that creates a password-protected folder/vault. Note: The password cannot be broken. Therefore, if you lose your password, you could sit and cry in a corner because even Sandisk cannot help you here.

For ₹36,000, the Sandisk Pro 1TB is very expensive. However, online discounts (while writing this article) on Amazon pointed out to a massive 50% discount, which makes it a good bargain. However, if security, reliability, portability and speed are what you need, then the Sandisk Extreme Pro is no compromise. Best for data managers, server admins, video and photo editors, DJs, and others who need to store, transfer or carry along loads of data, safely and securely.

Stuff says... 

Sandisk Extreme Pro 1TB review

It’s like securely carrying your entire life’s data in your pocket with still enough room for a few too many 4K movies
Good Stuff 
Highly compact
Waterproof, dustproof
High-speed data transfers
Built-in security software
Bundled Type-C and Type-A cables
Bad Stuff 
Short cable lengths
Exposed Type-C port
No LED indication for connection/transfers