We wouldn’t be surprised if Realme pumped Horlicks powder into its smartphones.

So what happens if you overdose on Horlicks? You get taller, stronger and sharper. And that’s just what Realme’s done with the bigger brother - Realme 3 Pro. To celebrate its one year anniversary, its newest budgeteer promises big specs and quality at a price tag most of us can easily afford.

Our motive in this review is to find out if this speedy budgeteer can take on the likes of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Pro and other top-notch sub-₹20k rangers. Let’s get started.

Design: Shades of blue

In today's age of smartphone design, it’s all about who looks better at the red carpet. And Realme, innovative as always, designed a gradient back inspired by the Le-Mans speedway with an S-curved pattern with a combination of two gradients - blue and purple.

If lighting conditions are good enough, the colours blend together and radiate a shine if tilted in particular angles. Don’t like the Nitro Blue colour we’ve got? It’s also available in Carbon Grey and Lightning Purple too.

Apart from that, the phone has a good heft and rests comfortably in the palm since the back is curved like a pebble. Realme’s stuck with the same dew-drop notch, fingerprint scanner at the back, headphone jack and a micro USB port just like the Realme 3. No complaints here.

However, the Note 7 Pro is promises a stronger build quality and feels like it’s much more durable in the long run compared to the Realme 3 Pro.

Display: Sweet and sour

The 6.3in Full HD (1080 x 2340p) is sure bigger, brighter and crisper than the sibling, but it isn’t worth ogling your eyes for a full binge session. Sure, watching stuff on Netflix in HD is great and isn’t too much to brag about, but still lacks a bit of visual detail when compared to the Note 7 Pro.

Nevertheless, it’s got cool display modes to play around with depending on the situation. You can turn on Night Shield to reduce blue light emissions. There are 3 display effects to choose from - Yellow, Black and White and GreyScale. This won’t just help your eyes feel better, but also consume lesser battery too.

Camera: Colours, colours everywhere

Smartphone cameras under ₹20k are only getting better, and it’s a tricky situation to choose the best one out of the lot.

The Realme 3 Pro’s dual cam (16+5MP) Sony IMX519 image sensor just loves its colours. Switch on HDR, ChromaBoost and pictures burst out with a lot of colours but it also manages to keep a slight tone of natural simultaneously. It’s more of an eye-pleaser for the gram, to be honest. Although, zoom in a little bit and you will notice that pictures aren’t as sharp and lack that detail when compared to the Note 7 Pro.

If you prefer taking pictures at night, switch on Super Nightscape and wait for the magic to happen. It takes about 2-3 seconds to process the picture, but once it’s done, the image will look slightly brighter and well lit than the normal photo without Nightscape. It’s not a drastic change, but it does fine for low-lit environments.

The 25MP selfie camera is also quite good for its price point and it’ll do just fine for everyday social media and what not. Pro tip - turn on Beauty mode to hide those zits and marks before you take a selfie.

Apart from all that, the Realme 3 Pro can do Super Slo-mo video at 960fps, 4K video with EIS and has the ability to shoot a 64MP ultra HD photo for high resolution to please fanatics.




Performance: Life in the fast lane

With the famous Snapdragon 710 (10nm) chip doing all the nasty processing, this ain’t no sloucher when it comes to multitasking or gaming. It’s somewhat at par with the Note 7 Pro’s Snapdragon 675 chip, but it really varies from average usage to heavy gaming. Each is good in its own way.

But hey, Realme tells us that the 3 Pro is a PUBG specialist and winning chicken dinners won’t be all that difficult. Using TouchBoost and FrameBoost technology, this one churns out high graphics like it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your evening supper. It can smartly understand and optimize graphics quality, frame rate and speed when you’re in game.

If you require higher processing, it’ll push the processor to make it deliver and keep the phone stable and less stuttery. Lesser to complain about you know.

Otherwise, the Realme 3 Pro does wonders and raises the bar for its competition in the speed category. Especially when you consider that ₹13,999 price tag.

BATTERY: Let's go on an adventure

The Realme 3 Pro brags a 4045mAh battery with the ability of fast charge, and it’s not just any fast charge, it’s the famous VOOC Flash 3.0 charging tech with an output 20W. That means, it can charge the phone from zero to 90% in exactly 60 minutes. That’s about the same time you need to cook a south Indian Fish curry for lunch.

Battery life is quite decent and it’ll easily last a little more than 12 hours if you’re normally using the phone. Turn it up a notch, play some PUBG, click a few selfies and it’ll still manage to last the entire day. If you’re not around a power source, switch to Deep Power Down mode and watch it last till you drop dead at home.

And if you don’t care about battery drain because you’re enjoying the summer in your boxers, switch to high performance mode from the battery setting and watch the phone run like Road Runner.

OS: Flavourful

Flavoured with Android Pie, the Realme 3 Pro runs the ColorOS 6 just like the Realme 3. We like what Realme’s trying to achieve with its newest UI: a fresh outlook which is visually appealing to the user and easy to understand if you’re a noob or if switching from another OS.

The UI has a lot of unnecessary pre-installed apps which is a bit unclassy and we hope that’s cleaned up soon. However, the icons look pretty cool and basic operation of the interface is smooth to use.

We’d have to be a little picky if we chose between MIUI and ColorOS, because it really depends on user to user. However, MIUI looks a little fun to operate and yes a little smoother too. But hey, those ads are a bit putting off.

Realme 3 Pro Verdict

Does the Realme 3 Pro live up to its Pro moniker? Yes sir, it absolutely does.

It doesn’t have that charming physique, sharp cameras like the Note 7 Pro, but it has a cool looking user interface which doesn’t bombard you with ads, a long lasting battery with super fast charging abilities and dual 4G slots with an added SD card slot.

Although, what really tickled our bones was the speedy Snapdragon 710 chip powerhouse fitted into a ₹13k ‘budget’ phone making this a natural in the multitasking and gaming arena.

However, it’s still tough to choose between the Note 7 Pro and it still remains a matter of preference. Just like Ronaldo Vs Messi, Pepsi Vs Coke, Xbox Vs Playstation. You get the gist...

Stuff says... 

Realme 3 Pro review

Realme’s Speedy Gonzales redefines the ‘budget smartphones’ capability in the arena
Good Stuff 
Simple and sleek design
ColorOS is easy to use
Selfie camera is quite good
Great battery life and fast charging
Absolute performer
Bad Stuff 
Needs a better build quality
MicroUSB charging might be annoying for some of us
Display is average