The Realme 2 makes a grand entrance on the red carpet with a notch, a bigger screen, juicier battery and an improved diamond cut back.

Majority of people in India are continuously on the lookout to buy the best phone without shelling out a great deal of money. And the Realme 1 was one of the pioneers in the ₹10k segment that offered great performance, camera qualities and an attractive diamond cut back.

This time, the diamond cut back stays, but it seems like there’s something better cooking with the Realme 2. We got an early unit to play around with to find out whether it's got the sack to take on others under the ₹10k jungle. Let’s find out, shall we?


Design: Like a star


Back in May, the Realme 1 struck a pose as soon as we laid eyes on it. And so did the Realme 2. We were glad to see the diamond cut back making a grand entry, again, and not forgetting the rear cameras doubling up for some portrait drama.

It even sports an oval shaped fingerprint scanner on the back that feels accurately placed for the finger to reach out to. Oh yes, it’s the first smartphone under the ₹10k mark to flaunt the famous notch and there’s no running from it. No, really.

The 6.2in screen size is wide enough to type or play games on, and it’s quite impressive for the price. Although, it let go of carrying on the Full HD display from the Realme 1, and instead, plonks a not-that-sharp HD (720 x 1520p) screen that fairly does the job. If you’re not too particular about resolution or clarity, this will do just fine.

From the looks of it, this absolutely does not look like a budget smartphone. That gorgeous back wants attention and how. We’ve actually caught muggles staring at the phone wondering what it is. It’s no bezelless wizard, but it’s got the charm to pull off a ramp walk without anyone questioning its worth.

The body feels a tad heavy in the hand, but considering its 4,230mAh battery brick sitting inside, it sums up to be lighter than expected. However, you can charge it up through an old-fashioned micro USB cable. Not that we’re complaining...

Performance and OS


The Realme 2 is quite a performer when it comes to handling heavy apps and simultaneous multitasking. Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processing chip, 4GB RAM and up to 64GB storage (expandable up to 256GB), it’s able to satisfy your wants and needs.

Thanks to its in-built Game Space app, it automatically accelerates graphics, releases memory, switches on network security and makes sure you’re not disturbed while playing. Basically, it optimises the phone for the best gaming-experience.

Playing PUBG on low graphics settings was smooth enough without facing any major hiccups or heating issues. Apart from that, Clash Royale and Alto’s Odyssey ran with no stutters too. That’s a win-win from the gaming side.

Performance-wise, this one can do wonders for its sub-₹10k price. You can keep apps running in the background and continue firing apps until you observe a little slowdown. It won’t be as smooth as a ₹30k mid-ranger, but it’s smooth enough to sail a boat in windy situations.

Bigger batteries are always the way to go. The Realme 2 houses a 4230mAh battery, unlike its predecessors 3410mAh battery. That’s 20% extra juice for the day. We unplugged the phone at morning, streamed music, scrolled on social media, played a quick game or two, emailed important people, caught up on YouTube videos and by the time we hit the bed to charge it up, it still had 45% of juice left in it. Like we said, bigger batteries are awesome.

Loaded with Oppo’s Color OS 5.1 running on Android Oreo and boy, it’s got a lot going on here. It’s customisable, colourful and stocked with custom apps and a heavy skin. It just doesn't feel as cumbersome and clean like stock Android.

Otherwise, it’s packed with smart features, gestures and the tiny bits you’d usually find on regular Oppo smartphones. However, we must point out that the face unlock feature is as fast as Usain Bolt and we didn't need to rely on the fingerprint scanner.

The AI Board smart assistant is stocked with common functions and quick toggles ready to assist you. We missed the Google Now sidebar though.


Camera: make me shoot


The Realme 1 shot some pretty decent photographs with its single shooter at the ₹10,990 price point.

This time, it’s coupled with a 2MP shooter for 2x zoom and portrait shots along with the 13MP primary camera. Because that’s what the user wants right? Super cool blurry backdrops to spam Instagram with a hashtag caption saying #Kewwl.

Let’s be honest here. This is a budget phone. Comparing these to others in the budget segment would be ideal, but it’s all still the same. Nevertheless, it’s got decent cams at the backs that cuts out the subject well and adds decent bokeh for portrait shots and delivers decent pictures to spam social platforms and nothing more.

The 8MP selfie camera is not that bad for casual selfie-snobs. You could beautify your face, add an AR Sticker to make you look like a human bunny rabbit, maybe add on a vintage filter and blur the background for your next fiery Instagram post.






It’s clear that the Realme 2 is gunning to empty teenage pockets. It’s a smartphone with a big screen, a healthy battery and flaunts a shiny diamond cut gradient finish on the back. What more could a student on a budget ask for under ₹10k?

With 2 lakhs units sold in five minutes, wait what? The Realme 2 is set to start off another storm in the budget market. It’s a great smartphone to get your hands on if you’re not too fussy about the OS and the brand name. Otherwise, it’s fully eligible to compete with sub-₹15k troopers instead of comparing to other peers in its category. After all, it’s all about the numbers.

Eager to get your hands on it? You can order it right now from Flipkart in Diamond Red and Diamond Black (Diamond Blue variant coming in October) starting for ₹8,990. Be quick, it’s selling like hot cakes.

Stuff says... 

Realme 2 review

A talented powerhouse that can do wonders for its puny price tag
Good Stuff 
Battery is awesome
Handles multitasking like a boss
Thee diamond back is gorgeous
Decent camera skills for the price
Gaming is buttery-smooth
Bad Stuff 
720p screen
OS feels heavy