Oppo gives selfie obsession as a new oppo-rtunity.

While smartphones are getting more camera-centric, it's only the rear cam that gets all of the brand’s love. Oppo wants to bring that to the front cam and focus all of its efforts to help you click the best selfie you can get from a smartphone.

We could immediately tell that the F7’s front-facing camera packs some serious snapping power. At least, that's what we could tell from the brief hands-on time we spent with it. It’s got AI mumbo-jumbo stepping up the selfie game to extremes while rest of the phone still remains something to debate about.

Artificially intelligent selfie

With Oppo F7, your selfie game will be at its best because of an attached AI capable of doing all the heavy lifting. The 25MP front-facing camera isn’t just a numbers game with the F7. The pictures were crisp, clear and the bokeh effects were impressive as well.

The AI Beauty 2.0 is actually a thing now. It can recognize 296 facial points to apply beauty effects at the best of its ability. What this means is, the AI can differentiate between gender, age, skin tone and type, and then apply its beauty-enhancing features more effectively on each person even if it’s a group selfie. But it won’t be as aggressive in brushing-off beards, and oily skins won’t shine brighter than the sun. Not just your face, the neck region will also get some beauty brushing to keep proportions in check.

The Vivid Mode does what it says, except this time the AI swoops in to rescue your face from looking like a saturated potato. It intelligently outlines your face to protect it and only applies saturation and increased contrast to the background for it to pop with colour. Though I did notice some flaws in the AI separation, we’ll reserve it for a proper Stuff review walloping.

The rear 16MP camera is also good. However, we got too little time with this to say anything concrete but it certainly does the job.

Up a notch

Here’s the trend. Apple does something, people hate it, but people copy it and then everything is right with the world. So, let's leave out the debate about how ugly the notch is or how effectively it comes to being truly bezel-less? Cool? Because that’s the new trend with most Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

There’s a notch.

The 6.23in screen has 2280x1080 resolution. It’s slightly wider than the Samsung Galaxy S9+ because of the 19:9 aspect ratio. The back has a glassy finish which is definitely a fingerprint magnet and the fingerprint scanner is sitting in a comfortable spot at the back for your index finger to reach. However it’s not completely bezel-less, apart from the notch, there’s even a small chin, which is weird.

It’s available in three different colours - Solar Red, Moonlight Silver and Diamond Black. The Diamond Black has a funky design but it’s quite interesting to see the design cutting light at different angles.

Power, battery and OS

It comes loaded with Android Oreo 8.1 which has Oppo’s ColorOS 5.0 skin atop. The notch isn’t the only iPhone similarity though, it even has gesture controls like the iPhone X. Though you can switch to Android’s usual on-screen button scheme as well.

The notification and app drawer are still on top like any other Android smartphone but are difficult to reach it if you don’t have long fingers. Swipe left from the home screen, and you’ll have Oppo’s notice board which will show you the most important emails and messages in one place.

Oppo has increased the colour pallet for icons and logos inside the OS. It’s soothing and inviting and we just want simple things in life, like the stock Android. It’s not half bad though.

It has a quad-core MediaTek P60 processor with 4GB or 6GB of RAM depending upon the variant you pick. The 3400mAh battery should last you a bit more than a day but that we’ll know only when we put the phone through its paces.

Initial Verdict

The Oppo F7 has a discrete price point of ₹21,990 (64GB/4GB RAM) and ₹26,990 (128GB/6GB RAM), with Vivo V9 scratching the same area with a dual camera.

The F7 is truly impressive in terms of its selfie skills. The AI-powered front camera is not a gimmick for sure and there are quite a lot of interesting things that can be done through it if you’re into that kinda stuff with beautification.

However, the overall body quality and feel of the phone leaves a lot of questions that can only be answered once we’ve given it a full review. For the time being the Oppo F7 is definitely a good companion for a selfie queen.