So another Nokia was dropped off at Stuff India HQ and regular readers probably know how much we love our Nokia’s. We have used it for a bit and it’s time for some initial impressions.


Design and Build

First things first. Don’t be fooled by the image on the box. Starting the phone up for the first time unveiled tremendously thick bezels of varying… well girths. While the bottom chin is monstrously large, the left, right and top bezels are more passable... pretty thick, but passable. And there is also a notch in the centre at the top with bezels going around them.

Apart from that, the build quality is what you would expect from a Nokia. It feels premium and well built  with smooth, curved corners and a glass back. The dual lens camera module has an extremely minimal bump, almost verging on non-existant, especially considering the bumps you get nowadays. The power button and volume rocker find a place on the right hand side while a dedicated google assistant button is on the left. The best feature on this phone is one that probably no other smartphone has, and it is a power button that lights up and strobes when you have an unseen notification. In a time when led notification lights are going extinct faster than the African Rhino, integrating it into the power button is something that we would like to see on future devices as well.


Performance and OS

If blazing performance is what you are looking for, look elsewhere. The Snapdragon 439 that’s being rocked on the Nokia 4.2 feels underpowered, with apps not opening with any level of urgency. We definitely don’t expect it to have flagship-grade speed, but other smartphones in this price range have slightly better performance.

The Android One OS on the 4.2 does a pretty decent job of dealing with the lack of processing power. But a bit more oomph would have been greatly appreciated.



Typically, Nokia smartphones do most things well, like the build quality has always been top notch, the software, thanks to Android One is superbly optimised and intuitive and best of all the price makes them pretty good all rounders and ones to consider. But the camera has always been a bit of a sore point, with competition outdoing Nokia in most cases. With the 8.1 that was launched a while ago, Nokia has finally focused on improving the Camera and it filters down to the 4.2 as well.

Initial impressions reveal a pretty good camera setup, at least when you consider the price. The images are sharp and colours are accurate. Focusing on the other hand is a bit slow, and is prone to dropping the ball completely on that front.

The unit we got was of course a pre sale unit and we suspect Nokia will fix the issues with future software updates once the 4.2 goes up on sale.


Initial Verdict

As of now, considering the price, the Nokia 4.2 is one to consider for anyone looking to buy a smartphone in the budget segment but as we all know, the competition is fierce out here. Hopefully future updates can speed up the device slightly and improve the camera performance a bit. And if that does happen, the Nokia 4.2 has the potential to shoot to the top of the competition ladder.