Yu’s new Yuphoria is the first phone to run Cyanogen OS 12 out of the box

But that’s not all – there’s also a new activity tracker and health monitor

Micromax spin-off Yu released its first device last year – the Cyanogen OS-powered Yureka. They’ve now followed up with a trio of new devices – the Yuphoria phone, the YuFit activity tracker and the HealthYu health-monitoring ‘cassette’.

Why land one punch when three’s even better? That seems to be Yu’s mantra. Last year, they came out with the Yureka – a Snapdragon 615-powered phablet running Cyanogen OS. This time round, their new Yuphoria becomes the first phone to come with Cyanogen 12 out of the box.

A metal ring and Cyanogen OS 12 help the 5in Yu Yuphoria stand out

According to Yu, they polled their user base to figure out what people really wanted – the first ‘crowdsourced phone’ is what they call it. Well, it seems what people really want is a 5in 720p display with Gorilla Glass 3, a 64-bit Snapdragon 410, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage (expandable), a 2230 mAh battery with Quick Charging 1.0 support, and LTE. Funny, we don’t see any mention of platinum-coated, turbocharged, V12-powered unicorns here...   

While the specs might not be all that remarkable, there’s more to the Yuphoria. For starters, there’s the emphasis on design. It’s rather light, but there’s a stamped metal ring running along the sides that makes it quite the looker. That’s complemented by the ‘Saturn rings’ surrounding the 8MP, f/2.2 rear camera, the metal power and volume buttons, and the two colour choices – buffed steel and black / champagne gold and white.

There’s still more to the Yuphoria Yu (or Micromax) have also packed in a Wolfson amp for all you on-the-go air guitarists out there, the 5MP, f/2.0 front camera is a wide angle bit, and the main camera supports 1080p and slow-mo video capture. And let’s not forget that it’s the first device to come with Cyanogen OS 12 (based on Android Lollipop) out of the box. Finally, there’s the price – 6,999 – which makes it quite a steal. Pre-sale registrations are on now at amazon.in, and the Yuphoria goes on sale on May 28.

The YuFit fitness band mirrors your phone’s notifications as well

Seems like Yu were on a roll here. Apart from the phone, they also showed off the new YuFit fitness band and app to help you track your weight, sleep, activity and calorie intake. So yeah, the next time you get out of bed at noon and decide to head to the closest pizza place for a leisurely lunch, watch out for the inevitable guilty feelings. But what really separates the YuFit (priced at 999) from other budget activity trackers is the OLED display that provides notification mirroring, and Expert Connect, which lets you seek personalised advice from trainers. Pretty nifty, we say.


The HealthYu tracks your BP, temperature, blood oxygen...

If the YuFit’s meant for office chair warriors trying to lose their paunch, the HealthYu (4,999) comes off as something for the avid health nut. Keep your fingers and thumbs on the sensors marked on this little cassette-like health monitor – (1) temperature, (2) oxygen levels, (3) ECG / BP / heart rate – and that’s it, your data will be sent to the companion app for future reference. While we’re still a bit wary of any pocketable device that claims to accurately track your vitals, Yu say they’ve only used US FDA-approved components. Well, we’ll still reserve our judgement till we get our hands on a review unit, but if the HealthYu’s as good as they claim, it could be a boon for many people – marathoners in training, bored Stuff readers looking for a laugh, adventure sport enthusiasts, the elderly, heart patients...

Yu might have started off as a spin-off brand of Micromax, but they’re really showing potential of becoming a proper, home-grown brand with the geek cred Micromax could never hope to get. Our initial impression of the Yuphoria is that it’s a great budget phone, made even better by the price. But budget phones have been on an upswing lately, so it’s not all that surprising it’s actually the YuFit and HealthYu that really seem more interesting!