The Yoky Tag will help you remember to pick up yo’ keys

It’s not human to forget anymore

We've recently had to consider hiring a guy to follow us around and tell us if we've forgotten something at a restaurant or on the bus, because Pokemon Go makes it pretty hard to think about anything but elusive 'mons, which happens quite often these days.

But technology always finds a way to help people preserve bad habits, and thanks to Gida's Yoky Tag, we can continue hunting Lapras and not worry about forgetting house keys or wallets all over again. It's got a strange name, yes, but this little wireless tag will prove mighty useful for remembering to pick up the keys, bags or 3-year-olds you'll invariably leave behind when you see a Charizard on your Poke-radar and run off after it.

The mind may forget but a Yoky will always remember

It's easy to use - just attach a tag to your keys, wallet, pet, phone or infant and connect your phone to it using Bluetooth, and the app will beep if you move more than 150 feet away from the tag and the Bluetooth link breaks. Should be mighty useful for finding the TV remote controllers that somehow tend to find their way underneath the couch.

And what if you happen to forget your phone? Well, if you have the tag on you, it'll beep if you're about to move out of range.

If, however, you do leave behind something with the tag on it, you can use the accompanying app to view the last location your phone connected with the tag. Nifty, eh?

The Yoky tag also packs a fitness tracker that measures your steps and estimated distance and calories. Gida says their "Advanced algorithms" do not mistake car rides, bike rides or flights for steps and the tag won't need to be connected to your phone to measure them.

You'll need to have Bluetooth turned on all the time for the tag to work, but Gida says the Yoky uses the connection for very short intervals and the connection should typically use less that 1 percent of your phone's battery over 24 hours. The tag itself comes with a replaceable battery, but you should only need to change it once a year or so.

For 999 apiece, having more than one of the Yoky Tag definitely makes sense, especially if you're a forgetful nut.